Updates and New kids

Liberson has not been doing well this week.   His swelling is going down and he has a very, very bad case of diar.  We put him on IV fluids on Tuesday.  He has refused to eat or drink.

Will you PLEASE keep him in your prayers.


Luxon was brought to the clinic on Monday.  His father found the mother dead in bed when they woke up that morning. Luxon is 23 days old. First child for both parents.  His father and aunt (mom’s sister) brought him, they could not wait until clinic was opened early Tuesday morning. They had to return home to bury the mother.  Luxon will stay about 2 years and then return home to his family.


Maculaine mother and father have both died within the last year.  Maculaine’s aunt has taken in three of the siblings, plus she has eight of her own to take care of.  She cannot make ends meet.  She said she wanted to put her up for adoption.  We talked and I felt she did not really want this, but was in a difficult place in her life right now.  Maculaine is losing weight.  We decided to keep her here for a few months and the aunt is going to try and get things in order as best she can to be able to better care for her.  She is 20 months old and weighs 17 pounds 9 ounces.


Soldyne came into the clinic yesterday afternoon. Her mother recently had a baby.  Her father was gone looking for work in another town.  Soldyne’s family was trying to make some oil to sell.  They take a seed from a tree, dry it, and then smash it up.  Next they take the mashed up seeds and boil them in water.  After they are boiling a film of oil will rise to the top.  They skim this oil off.  They use the oil for massages, put it in their hair and other stuff.  The support that was holding the boiling pot broke and splashed the oil/water into her face.  Someone is the family left that night and walked to find the dad.  They found him and walked back up to the house.  The father got some family members and they tied her to a bed and carried her down to the clinic.  It was a 6 hour walk—one way.  Her eyes are swollen shut and her face is very, very swollen. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Notice the father in the picture below.  When Lori started working on her the father could not take hearing her scream.  He asked us if her could pray and got on his knees and began praying for his daughter.


Anace pulled a cup of hot tea off of a table and onto her head, face and chest.  She will be here for a few months.

This makes 5 children and 1 adult in the RC that are burn victims. Please remember to pray for them.


8 Responses to Updates and New kids

  1. Rob says:

    I cannot imagine what kind of pain those kids go through with those types of burns. May God bless them and heal them quickly. Also praying for the little guy who is refusing to eat. He is so thin.

  2. Sonia says:

    Those poor children. I can’t even imagine how much pain they must be in. We pray daily for all the kids in the center but will be saying extra prayers for Luberson and all the burn victims.

  3. thanks for filling us in on prayer needs.

  4. Amy says:

    My heart is breaking for these kids. Praying right now.

  5. […] and emptied my PayPal account a second time after a payment came in again and then tonight I read this post directly from the center and emptied it once more.  My heart just breaks for these kids and I […]

  6. elisa says:

    Since i saw Liberson for the first time i have him always in my mind, he broked my heart. I look forward always to see good news about him. I’ll keep on waiting praying with hope for all the kids.

  7. i’m SO glad you got the new blog. The old one was really really slow for some reason! Love the new one 🙂 I haven’t caught up yet, your blog keeps my heart always in a better place. How can one spend their money on needless things after seeing these photos??

  8. propro says:

    so sad i wish i can help all hurt victams

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