Guest blogger Graham, that is here for a month, wrote this about Liberson.

“I want a ball.  No….I want a truck……..I don’t want that one.  I want one that is bigger.”  Liberson demanded.  His body is but an assemblage of twigs with a basketball for a stomach and his eyes sunk far back in his wasted, dry skull.  Bulbous sores cover his lower extremities, a sign of severe kwashiorkor.  And even looking like this, Libersons present demands are an amazing turning point from just a few moments ago. 

A few moments ago his eyes were fluttering, his pulse weak, unable to eat or talk as sores in his mouth began to bleed.   These were more immediate signs of a more impending death.  As long as he did not die like Henrius, whose eye popped and rooting flesh fell off his bones as he begged for life right up to the very end.  These are the images of malnutrition that you don’t see on TV adds for feeding programs in Haiti or Africa.  The end game of malnutrition is often a messy, long, painful experience for all involved.  Even these words to not convey the reality of the experience…smells, sounds, and fragile movements of life about to end.

But Liberson’s demanding attitude is a sign of determination that is needed by those who suffer severe malnutrition and neglect to recover.  And it should be an inspiration to all of us who have the privilege of helping those who for too long have suffered from such violent, unnecessary deaths.


One Response to Liberson

  1. Lori says:

    M’ap toujou sonje ou, ti cheri. Soufrans ou fini. Repoze nan men Bondye.

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