Carmelo was denied his approval of his I-600 this week but the USCIS.  Carmelo was near death and was left in our care in 1999 after he was SEVERELY burned.  He did not pass through an orphange first and sign the adoption papers.  We were not thinking adoption then.  We were thinking that he was not going to live.  So they did not like that.  I can appeal the decision.  It will cost us $585.00 and can take up to a year.  So we are planning to apply for a vistor visa.  Then after he has been legally our child for 2 years, which will be March 2009, we can file a I-130.  I have not even had time to check the info out in the I-130 yet.  Oh yeah, BTW if I go today and pay the fee of $131.00US for the vistors visa the app. will be at the end of October.  Life is grand!  So while I was very upset last night, Carmelo said “mommy if it makes you cry that much I do not even want to be an american citizen, I will just stay in Haiti”  I am not really loving the USA and its goverment rules right now, but that is life.  Se lavi.  Just wanted to keep you updated.  Enoch will return on July 29th for his visa app. 



3 Responses to Denied

  1. Bekki says:

    Licia – I’m so so sorry. USCIS is not my favorite agency – they make stupid, wrong decisions. You are all in my prayers.

  2. Candis says:

    I will pray for you all. At least 40% of my students are illegal immigrants from Mexico, but we are not permitted to deny them any privilege usually reserved for citizens. Perhaps Carmelo should learn Spanish. Then he can sneak across the border from Mexico or pretend to be from Cuba, and be welcomed into the U.S.
    It is a blatant travesty, the treatment of Haitians versus the treatment of other would-be immigrants in the Americas.

  3. Lori says:

    I’m glad we took that chance at saving his life. I don’t care if some suit cooped up in her office says differently. We did the right thing. Don’t ever doubt that. The legal stuff will be worked out in due time.

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