The 40 day fast….


I am participating in an event called the 40 day fast.  Different people are writing about many different organizations around the world. Inspired to Action is giving the opturnity for many people to get involved in learning about the needs of many different places and countries in a hope to Inspire them to Action.  Whether that means praying, fasting, giving of your time, or giving funds we all want you to be touched in some way.

Our family has been working in rural Haiti since 1994. We are currently ministering in an area two and a half hours northeast of the capital in the village of Cazale. There are approximately 10,000 people living here and 70% of the children are malnourished.  With 70% being malnourished we have a small percent that are near death and need some extra help to recover.  Most parents really love their children and want to keep there families together.  We offer a place for the kids to recover and regain their health and then return to their families. We call this facility The Rescue Center.  This facility houses 50 to 60 sick and malnourished children.   These children are nursed back to health and then return to their families in the local villages.  We also take in children that are abandoned in front of our gate.

This is Kelly he was left outside over a year ago.


The Rescue Center has three main areas.

1.       Newborn babies up to 12 months, the average stay for this group of children is 2 years.  In general all the babies that are in the RC do not have a mother that can take care of them. Usually this is due to the death of the mother, shortly after child birth, or some type of mental illness.  The father works in the gardens and fields all day.  It would be difficult to take a newborn baby and work in the hot sun.  Infant formula is very expensive for the average family to buy.  By the time they are two years old; they are walking, eating solid foods and are off of the formula.  The dad can then take the child back and their chances of survival are much higher.

This is Dieuvant when he came in at 3 pounds, the next pictures is a few months later

This is Emmanuel.  He was very sick and near death on arrival.  He is doing great today.



2.     Children 12 months to 12 years old– the average stay for this group is 4 to 5 months. Many of these children are suffering from severe forms of malnutrition. The most common we see are Kwashiorkor or Marasmus.   Most are near death when admitted.  These children are given a balanced diet, love and care.  The ones that live, return home to their families.

This is Berlando.  He is suffering from Kwashiorkor.  This is his before and after pictures.


This is Ronel.  He is suffering from Marasmus. This is his before and after pictures.


This is Ilomene.  She did not survive.



3.   Last are adults in some sort of crisis situation.  Most are in some type of life crisis.  Whether it’s AIDS or some type of terminal illness like cancer.  Often they just need a place to die where someone cares.  We love them, tell them about Jesus, and help them the best we can.




The Rescue center is one part of Real Hope for Haiti.  This organization has been working in Haiti since 1994.  RHFH also has a medical clinic that sees an average of 1000 patients per week.  To date they have helped over 70, 000 patients.  RHFH is also involved in community development, school sponsorship, purified drink water, literacy classes, sewing classes, distributing free literature in Creole, tree planting, and medical visas for children. RHFH has a staff of 72 persons from the local village of Cazale.


This is Jorel.  He was burned with hot tea.  These are pictures of his progression of healing.

This is Frandy.  He stayed at the RC for about 5 months.

I encourage you to pray today for the children of Haiti, and especially those in the RC that are fighting to survive.  Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing a part of my life here in the beautiful country of Haiti. Please check out the pages on the side for more infomation. 

12 Responses to The 40 day fast….

  1. I love reading about RHFH and what you all do.

    Blessings to you all!

  2. Stephanie says:

    So do I! My heart is constantly touched, deeply, by all that you do for the Lord in Haiti. God bless you!

  3. maryann says:

    thank you for posting in the 40 Day fast.

    your pictures really are worth thousands! they show the difference a little nutrition and time and a lot of love can make in a child’s life.

    Kwashiorkor is a word that i havent heard in YEARS!! yet, for you it seems to be a daily battle.

    thanks for doing what you do for the least of those….Jesus smiles.

  4. euphrony says:

    I want to personally say thank you for all the work you do in Haiti. So much of what you see must be heartbreaking. We need to see this and hear about this to remind us what need is – especially when so many of us have no real idea of needs going unmet in our lives.

    I’m praying for you and the Rescue Center today.

  5. SarahChia says:

    God bless you for being in the trenches day in and day out. I can’t imagine the joy that you get to show before and afters, or the sorrow to report that some did not survive.

  6. […] hope for haiti. today the rescue center in haiti is being featured over at inspired to action’s 40 day fast. licia wrote a great blog that really explains the […]

  7. thisiskristin says:

    You all are doing such amazing work, helping these people. It’s so great to see the pictures of them healthier and happier.

    Thank you for being a part of the 40 day fast!

  8. […] Licia~ is working “in the trenches,” so to speak, and is doing really amazing things in Haiti.  She’s got a whole lot of before and after pictures of these people they are nursing back to health, and it’s really amazing.  […]

  9. Rob says:

    wonderful way to express what the RC does. THe before and after pictures are amazing. Thank you for serving Jesus and giving so much of yourself to the people of Haiti! God Bless all you do.

  10. Fayola says:

    Praying for you for continued strength and for the people you serve.

  11. Todd Ruth says:

    One word: wow.

  12. Myrt Marker says:

    My daughter sent me a picture of the type of dresses you prefer for the little girls. I would very much like to make up all this extra material I am surrounded by into useful garments. I am not likely to be able to sew for awhile–will it be a continued need and as I get it done I can send them to you? Can I send stuff like this regular mail.

    I also have fleese for blankets. Could that be useful?

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