This morning a church group came to pray for the kids in the RC.  They came in and began to pray.  One of the ladies, in the group, pointed to one of the kids in the RC and told the lady beside her. “Hey, isn’t that your kid?”  The other woman response was “be quiet!”  A few of the staff in the RC heard what had been said. The child they were talking about had been abandoned in front of our gate in May.  So they casually walked with the girl (that had been abandoned) in front of the women.  The little girl saw them and said “that is my mama”.  They came are got me and I went to see what was going on.  The church group said the ladies stopped them on the way here and asked it the could participate in the prayer service.  The group really did not know them.  So she used this to get inside the RC.   I asked her what she wanted.  She said she came to see her child.  I said “the one you left outside on the ground?”  She began to tell me that it was not her fault.  She had left to buy something and when she came back that she did not see the child so she went home.  Yeah right! So she just she decided for 2 months to never ask where her daughter was?  I talked to her friend that was with her and found out she has been telling everyone in her family that the child has been admitted in the RC, BY THE PERMISSION OF THE MOTHER.  While I was talking with the staff she got up and ran out the gate.  She was trying to run away again!  I called the judge, and we sent her up to the court house to talk to him .  Basically I got to decide the fate of her and the child.  I wanted the judge to make a judgement, but he ask me if I could just raise her until she was 10 and then give her back to the mother.  What?  Yeah that is what I thought.  The judge requested the birth certificate and the fathers family to come as she stated the father was dead. That was it.   When they arrived back here my staff was not very happy, they wanted her to spend a few days in jail.  They wanted to see the family so they could tell them what she had done.  The mother was still saying it was not her fault.  She told me that the fathers family had to give her money to take care of her.  I was afraid that she would not return and I would not know how to find her.  I sent Frank, a man that works for us, with her to go see where she lived.  That is what I told her.  I told Frank to get some family members to come back with him.  When they arrived at her house, Frank told them the story. We learned that the mother runs around with several different men and she does not take responsibility for  even herself.  The family was shocked by her actions.  She had taken the child several months ago and dropped her off at her mothers house. He mom (the grandmother) is bedridden and blind.  She tried to take care of her but could not.  We tried to talk to her and explain that she is lacking love and affection for her child.  She could, if she wanted to, take care of her financially.  We talked to her about adoption.  She said she would agree to that if the family adopting would give her money and that she would get to see the child every year.   This is a very sad, sad story.   The child returned home with her mother today.  A mother that does not want her and there is nothing we can do.


4 Responses to Wideline

  1. Diane says:

    This Mama’s heart is breaking as I read about your day and the decisions you have dealt with. I am sorry, Licia, and yet, I am thankful for two months this precious Treasure knew your love.

    Praying here,

    What is her name, Licia, so we can pray specifically for this little girl.

  2. Sarah says:

    So terrible. I do not understand how she can’t feel that protective mother love. I guess that bad parenting goes across all cultural lines. I agree with Diane, that little girl now knows LOVE, real LOVE and what it means to give and recieve LOVE and that will stay with her for a lifetime!
    Prayers for her and you and your staff.

  3. d says:

    My word.

    What a cruel world we live in.

    And praising God for YOU.

  4. Amblin says:

    Praying for that precious little girl and for you all at the RC. It’s times like this that my heart breaks just a little more each day. Here I am, hoping and praying for a daughter, and this mother in Haiti cannot bring herself to care for the precious blessing she has been given.

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