Chabina began vomiting last night around 8pm.  By 9pm she had a 104 fever.  We switched Tylenol and Ibuprofen every three hours. to try and bring down her fever  Her fever has not broke yet.  She is having mild seizures and is dehydrated.  Lori started and IV this AM and we gave shots of antibotics.  We did a malaria test and it was negative.  Please pray for her today. She is VERY sick.  He papa is to far away and I cannot get word to him to come. Pray!!!


4 Responses to Chabina

  1. J-HY says:

    We are praying!

  2. bjlacher says:

    We’re praying for Chabina!

  3. Tressa says:

    We’ve been praying, and are still praying. Let us know the progress! BLESSINGS!

  4. Heather P says:

    Just said a prayer and will continue to.

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