Tooth fairy in Haiti……..

I have several extra children that sleep at my house.  Lets just keep it at that.  They have been here awhile, and I am trying to give them some extra attention. Leonie is one of them and she has a loose tooth this week. 

Here is what happened:

When a child looses a tooth here in Cazale, they take the tooth and throw it onto a tin roof and say:

“Rat, rat, rat here is a good tooth I am sending you

send me a bad/ugly tooth”

The kids said if you say to send them a pretty tooth, the rat will send you a ugly one.  So you have to trick the rat.  Cool Huh? 

So Carmelo and I explained to them what happens when you loose a tooth at our house.  It was so funny, they thought we were crazy..they laughed and laughed at us crazy americans.  So I asked them if they had ever put their tooth under their pillow before.  They all said no. So I told them we would try it out. 

Leonie’s tooth fell out on Monday night. We got a little change purse and rapped it up in toliet paper and put it in there.  She asked me if we could pray and I said yes.  So we prayed and she put it under her pillow.  She came in about 10 times and asked me many questions about it.  She wanted to put hold it in her hand, she wanted to not sleep, she wanted to put it under my pillow,etc.  So they next morning she came in and woke up up and was shocked to find the money in it.  She now wants me to pull some of her other loose teeth.  Ha! 

The kids also told me not to tell anyone else here as everyone will start pulling out their teeth to get money.


5 Responses to Tooth fairy in Haiti……..

  1. Tressa says:

    Hahaha…cute!! The little traditions that adhere to different cultures is so interesting to me.
    Blessings over your day!

  2. Rob says:

    That is too funny!

  3. Diane says:

    LOVE IT!!!

    My daughter, Jana, just lost her front tooth, she turns 8 this weekend….of course, her sister, Jadyn, kicked it out of her mouth…..while they were attempting to do handstands downstairs:(

    Kids….gotta LOVE em’

  4. love this!
    i thought you were going to say one of my kids lost a tooth!!!! ha!

    you’re a great mom to all these kids!


  5. nadia says:

    it’s is so funny that you posted this when you did. I have a 5 year old sister (she was 5 in March) adopted from Haiti nearly 4 yrs ago…you posted this on wednesday and on Thursday we realized that our baby has her first 2 loose teeth..I think she’d roll her eyes at me if I tried this with her though..LOL.she wants that tooth fairy to come so badly!

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