Rosena needs a home..


This is Rosena. She has been in the RC a total of three times now.  She lives a four to five hour walk from the clinic.  Her mother died when she was a newborn.  Her father raised her from birth, which is in itself is a miracle. Rosena parents had a total of 10 children together.  Of those 10 children 4 have died.  One died in the RC several years ago, two others died at 2 and 3 years old with fever and diar, another was in the RC went back home got sick again with Kwashiorkor and died at his house.  When I asked why they did not bring him down they told me he was so swollen they could not pick him up. 

Rosena has been here this time since May of 07.  I was planning to send her home for summer vacation.  When I asked her dad to come and get her I learned that he is very ill and near death.  Rosena is very upset and does not know what to do.  She wants to see her dad before he dies.  We saw one of her aunts today, she is willing to come down next week and take Rosena up to see her dad.  Her dad sent word down to me to tell me that he cannot take her back and that he is dying.  He wants me to keep her and find her a home.

Rosena in Dec 2005 at 34 pounds

Rosena in 2006 (2nd time admitted) at 33 pounds

 Rosena in 2007 (3rd time admitted) at 38 pounds

 Rosena today at 65 pounds



 Is is truely amazing to me that her weight can go from 38 to 65 pounds in 14 months time.  She just needed to eat consistently to begin to grow.    It is difficult to tell her age.  Her BC says she is around 13.  Her size is more like a 10 year old.   She is very sweet and helpful to those around her.  She is loving and cares about those in need.  She listens to instructions and follows directions well.  She is in first grade and just learning how to read and write.  She needs a family that is willing to adopt and older child and help her.  She has no mother, and might be without a father soon.  If you have any questions or would like to adopt her please contact me  at so that we can began the process for her soon.  I would love to tell her father that we have found a family for her to ease his mind.


5 Responses to Rosena needs a home..

  1. Aimee says:

    Praying that this sweet girl finds a home. What a wonderful work you are doing there. It brings me to tears…

  2. Heather P says:

    I can’t imagine the grief and fear she is feeling right now. I am praying for her family to find her soon, and I pray that the Lord gives her peace as she waits. I pray that she will be able to see her Father and say goodbye to him before he passes, and that he will know she is going to be loved and given a happy life. I pray that right now God is beginning the healing work in her heart to mend all the tragedy she has endured. Please tell Rosena that she is loved and prayed for today!

  3. Tracy says:

    I’ve been praying for this little girl and the family that will adopt her. I think about her so many times during the day and see her sweet face. I have tears in my eyes now knowing what I want to do, but financially we aren’t able to adopt right now. It just breaks my heart.
    Thank you for the work that you do!
    God bless,

  4. […] I am so excited about that! But man am I wishing I was 27 already! I would love to give this little girl a home! Rosena lives at the Rescue Center in Haiti that Licia and the rest of her family run. There […]

  5. Karina says:


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