Shorts, shorts, shorts

We always ship a pallet of donated clothing down for the children in the RC when the semi container comes in each year.  I usually can make it from year to year with those donations, but this year we are low.  I went through the clothes that we have in the RC.  They are organized in laundry baskets and on a shelf.  We have dresses, shorts, pants, shirts, under ware etc, each in a separate basket.  Every once in awhile these clothes need to be gone through and the old wore out stuff pitched out.   I went through all the clothing ……about 15 laundry baskets full the other night. I threw away 5 large trash bags!  Yikes!  They were either stained, old or bleached out with Clorox.  I want to switch over to uniforms for the kids.  Find a material that will last long and everyone will be dressed the same.  Remembermy post a few weeks back about laundry?  Well when the clothes are layed out to dry…sometimes we have things that come up missing, people will walk by and pick up a pair of shorts or a dress.   A few days later you will see the dress on someone walking around in the village.   If I have all the kids dress a like it will be harder for someone in the village to walk off with it.  Everyone will know it is for the kids in the RC.   So I was low, low, low on shorts.  I sent someone into Port-au-Prince today to find some.  We did not have time to buy material and have them made.  I sent her with $33US.  I just wanted to see what she could buy for that.  She found shorts by the dozen in the pe-pe.  Pe-pe means second hand.  Large bundles of clothing that are sent down on ships-all used stuff.  They are bundled up in large bails that one person can hardly pick up.  So they lay out the clothing and you have to pick what you like and make a price.  At the pe-pe out door market, we got 2 dozen for $16.  When they saw she was buying in bulk a lady pulled her over to the side and asked why she was buying that many.  So she told her about the RC and the kids.  She told her to go down on another street and she would find people sewing them.  She did and found a alley full of ladies just sewing.  She found the short lady and told her what she needed.  She was able to make a price for 2 dozen for $13.  She had to sit and wait for her to finish sewing up some to make the 2 dozen.   The lady sewing the shorts gave us her telephone number so we could call her next time and put in an order ahead of time.  I would have loved to have a picture of the alley full of sewing machines sewing.  I will buy from her again and I will try to find someone else that makes dresses for the girls.  I am so happy to find some place here to buy them.

The ones she got today were made out a heavy material, she will make them out of a cooler material next time. 

Here are the ones we bought that were sewed.

Here are the ones from the pe-pe

So here they are 4 dozen-48 pairs of shorts for $29US Thats about $0.60 per pair.  Did I get a good deal?


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