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 Children become malnourished when they do not receive the adequate nutrients their bodies require to resist infection and maintain growth. When nutritional deficiencies become too significant, a child will begin to ‘waste’ – to consume his/her own tissues to obtain needed nutrients.  Wasting is a sign of acute malnutrition.  In some regions of the world, wasting is particularly frequent among children during the ‘hunger gap’ period, between harvests. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 20 million young children with severe acute malnutrition at any given point in time.  (copied from Doctors without Borders)


This is Berlinda.  She is the one on the left.  She was admitted on Tuesday.  She is 12 months old and weights 6 pounds.  The child next to her was born the same week as her.  I took a picture of them together so you could see the difference in their size.  There are 3 other children that are living in the family.  When asked if they had any other children that had died the mother stated they had lost 5 children.  When asked how they died her answer was that several died in a fire and they other died without being sick.  This was her first visit to the clinic.  I asked her if she coudl tell that the weight of her child was not normal.  She said yes.  So I asked her why she did not seek medical help for her before.  She said her and the father cannot waste the time to come down to the clinic.  It will waste two days of working and if they do not work they do not eat.  She said when she saw that the child was almost finished she knew that she had to get help or she was going to die.




This is Robenson.  He is about 3 years old.  His mother and father brought him and another sibling down to the clinic this week.  They have two other older children at home.  Robenson is in the beginning stage of Kwashiorkor.  He is so weak now that he cannot walk.  His parents were very concerned about him.  They were worried.  He is from the village, Montangne Terrible.  Which roughly means terrible mountain. 






The twins, Rose-Marie and Rose-Manie both have a bad cold and are having trouble breathing.  We are doing treatments and meds.  Keep them in your prayers.



Melene died Friday morning.  Her mother was walking in the gate to visit her and they were coming to get me to tell me she had died.  It was a difficult time for us. The mother was screaming and yelling and jumping and rolling on the ground.  She asked that I keep the body until that afternoon and she would sent the dad to get the body.  We went ahead and made a casket and they came  and got the body to take back up to be buried.  They said they had to take the body back up and make medicine for the other twin so that it would not die as well. 




One of my favorite workers, that is a cook, and ALWAYS smiling and laughing, had a child die Friday as well.  She has been sick for about a week but was getting better.  The father went to work that day and she(the mom) was planning on coming to work as well.  She had just drank a glass of juice that the mother had made for her.  They were getting her clothes changed and she died.  I went to visit the family.  Ever country and person handles death in a different way.  Many here scream, yell, roll on the ground, jump around and let all their emotions out.  This is what she did.  It is hard to watch someone that is always so happy and joyful be in this state.  Pray for Yol and her family.



The World Health Organization estimates there are 178 million children that are malnourished across the globe, and at any given moment, 20 million suffering from the most severe form of malnutrition. Malnutrition contributes to between 3.5 and 5 million annual deaths of children under 5 years of age.
(copied from Doctors without borders)

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