Some needs for the RC…

We are thinking about shipping another semi container this fall.  If the funds come in dad, Lori and Charles will be getting things packed up in the next few months.  i want to get some of the needs out early for the RC. I just pulled these pictures up for examples.  I love a bargin, so anything you can find that will work let me know.  If you have any questions email me

I use these bumbo seats for the babies in the RC.  They are great to help them sit.  A few years ago some great friends of mine wrote to the company and got several donated.  They are on sale now for $29.95

I make my own plastic pants to cover the cloth diapers.  This is the cheapest and best thing I can find.  It is called ProCare Barrier fabric.  You can get 1 yard for $5.20.  Once the material is bought then it is shipped to Haiti and I find some local people the sew to make the plastic pants.  I also could use elastic to make them.  You can find it on the same site here.  If anyone out there has any better suggestions PLEASE let me know.  I am opened to new ideas.  Remember there are about 45 kids in diapers.  They get changed at least 6 to 8 times a day.  So that is alot of diapers. They are also all hand washed.  The plastic pants are washed as well.  So I have to have a large amount to turn over eachday.

I am still in need for some of these mats.  Here is a link to them at Sam’s club.

**UPDATE ** We received a box in the mail today with three sets!  God is so good!

I also need need some simple bottles.  We have 18 to 20 kids that are on baby formula.  Thats a lots of bottles we go through eachday.

Here is an example of the tables I use for the kids to eat on at the RC. 

–Any large bolts of material that could be used to make uniform type clothes for the children in the RC. 

–Underware and socks

–kids shoes

–hair barretts and clips

–infant formula


–shampoo, powder, cream, babywash

–crib sheets

–baby blankets

–large safelt pins

–DVD or video for the kids to watch

–twin sheets



6 Responses to Some needs for the RC…

  1. d says:

    I will get the mats. I had emailed you (maybe you didn’t see it) and now that I know you still need them, I’ll get them. We have some other things that we can send your way too.

  2. bjlacher says:

    Hi Licia,
    We sent three sets of those mats to the address that you gave us back in June. Did you ever receive them?

  3. Rachel says:


    What is an address we should send things to…can you post again?



  4. Tess says:

    Hey Licia—How many Bumbo seats are you in need of?

  5. Heather Sepulveda says:

    Do need any “special needs formula? Or just mostly regular formula?
    I have a bumbo chair that I can send to you.
    What language do the kids’ video need to me in?

  6. […] Here Licia posted some needs for the Rescue Center. Take a look and see if you could be apart of providing for all of the children who come to this place to be “Rescued”. There are simple things you could provide. You can go here and see what any amount of money would provide. Check it out. […]

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