RC news…

This is Reginel.  He is 15 years old.  He was carrying a hot pot of bean sauce into the house and trip and it splashed on his face.  He lives far away and cannot come each day for dressing changes. He is staying in the RC so that he can get daily dressing changes.

This is Jozue.  His came down on Friday afternoon.  He father carried him down the mountain and it took most of the morning to get here.  He had a child with a lady and they separted before the child was born.  The mother brought Jozue to the dad’s house 2 months ago.  She stopped breastfeeding him.  She just took him to the house and left him.  Since the father is working in the gardens all day he gave the child to his mother.  She is an older lady and tried to feed him whatever she had.  It only took 6 weeks for him to for him to get like this.  It took dad another 2 weeks to bring him down here.  He went to a pastor in the area and ask him for help, the pastor wrote a note and ask that we help him. He did well on Fri, Sat and Sunday.  He was drinking milk and eating some foods.  On Sunday morning around 3am he drank a bottle and sat for awhile.  He was getting sleepy and the ladies put him in his bed.  They went to get a sheet to cover him up.  When they went back he was dead.  His dad will come back this week to find out that his son has died.  I wonder what the mother will say.  Will she regret that she took him to the dad’s house, will she just say it was the dad’s fault, will she care at all.   I wonder.

Hary has been with us for several months. He has had a terrible cough and it seemed like asthma.  We treated him both resp and the asthma.  He was having a lot of problems breathing this week.  He continued to do breathing treatments and the medication. He died on Saturday night.  His family is close and came the next day.  They thanked us and said they had put the child in God’s hands.

Please continue to pray for Soline.  She is having a lot of problems.  She is not drinking or eating.  I will tube her tomorrow if she is the same.  She is dying.


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  1. Nikki says:

    I just can’t get Soline out of my mind. She looks so much like my youngest daughter and it breaks my heart to see her so sick. I have been praying for her like crazy and am looking forward to a positive update on her. May God Bless your ministry and bless each life you touch!

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