God is good!

I do not personally know the person that wrote the below blog entry.  But when I saw an incoming link from her blog I checked it out.  I was SO BLESSED.  This is what it is about.  Are you willing to listen to God and give what he asks you to?  Do you REALLY trust Him? I encourage you to read the below entry and be blessed and encouraged just like I was.

A Haitian Prayer

Pa mete chay traka ou yo

nan yon panye sou tet ou.

Mete you sou tet Jezi

Ou p’ap gen tet fe mal.

Don’t put you load of trouble

in a basket on your head.

Put them on Jesus’ head.

You won’t have headaches.

God is soooooo good!! Most of you already know that. But there are times when I have a hard time remembering that fact. Last week K. and I were down to our last $150, that was it, when it was gone, it was gone. But $100 of it we had set aside to use as a blessing. We are blessed and we always want to be a blessing.
We determined that we were not going to spend that $100 dollars on our family, that we would find someone that we could bless. Our friends were having a bake sale/lemonade stand to raise funds for a rescue center in Haiti. https://haitirescuecenter.wordpress.com/ We took $50 and “gave to the cause”.
It was a step of faith on our part. At times my mind thinks about all the groceries I could buy, the shoes the kids need, the gas our car drinks…… but we wanted to trust God and wait for HIS provision.
HE didn’t fail us, and he never does. We were blessed with $1100 in the course of a week. Gifts, people who new things were tight and wanted to bless, to give with the same faith that God would provide if ever they were in need. Praise the Lord!!

Thank you Jesus for taking care of us. I hope that I will learn to trust you more and more. I don’t want to look at what lies ahead of us with fear or doubt. I want to face life with confidence in both my heart and mind that you will meet our every need! Help me reach that place where you truly are my everything.

Amen!  Help us all get to the place where we have NO FEAR that God is going to take care of us and ALL of our NEEDS.


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