Community Development work day

The community development group worked in a local park today.  It might not be like a park you see near you, but we like it.  There are several flowers beds in the park.  There is a local man that has been taking care of them for the past few months.  He wanted to plant some grass.  This is something that you do not see much of here.  So Lori got some grass seed shipped in and we went today and planted it.  Before we started we weeded the area and hauled off about 10 buckets of rocks!

We then mixed dirt (left) and manure (right) with a some sand.  We layed this on top of the old flower bed.


We raked it all out even.

Then went along a scattered the seeds.  No grass seed spreaders here. 

 We then lighted raked over it and gave it a light watering.  Hopefully in about a week we should see some grass growing.  If this works them we will continue to work on the other beds.  Grass is good and beautiful here, they love it. 

The local park has these swing sets. There are two broken down swings the kids can play on.  If anyone would like to help out with this project let me know.  The kids would love to be able to play and have fun on these.  They could use five new sturdy swings.  If you would like to help email me at



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