Radio Station in Cazale

The Cazale area has a local radio station.  This radio station was started back up by funding from the local Catholic church in the area.  They use solar panels and a small generator for electricity.  Many members in the Cazale area give a small donation each month to buy fuel to keep the station running. They love the radio station and are so proud the the village has its own radio station.  The clinic does weekly shows on health education and they have many other shows with lots of information for the community.   The community development group worked in an area today close to the station, so I went by for a visit.  They have some needs for the station and I thought I would put them out there and someone might be able to help.  I do not know the proper names for everything so I took pictures so you could see what they have.

This plays the CD’s and tapes, it is working. 

 This is the back-up and it is broke.  They like to have two at a time so they can make everything flow well.

The local Catholic priest lives beside the radio station and has internet access.  This is there old computer.  The screen and keyboard work.  The modem does not work.  They use the computer to get news.  They give weather, sports and news reports.  I am sure they use it for the music as well.  A used one would be fine.  This would bless them SOO much!

Here is the set up.  Its in a small room and they have fixed it up the best they can for their needs.   


 This little room is outside the actual radio room, which is on the other side of the glass window.  This is where they do interviews and others talk on the radio.  They could use some new microphones and headset. 

We try to support the radio station in anyway that we can.  If you might be able to help email me at We will be able to ship items on the next semi container.


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