School Sponsorship

School Sponsorships

Education is something that many of us take for granted. In Haiti, many children do not have the privilege to attend school and learn.  Fifty percent of the population is under the age of 15.  Most parents would like to send all their children to school so that they can receive a good education.  However, many are only able to send a few of their children to school, while the other children are left at home.

God has placed a great desire in our heart to increase the number of children who are able to gain a quality education that will provide these children with more opportunities in life.  We hope and pray as these children grow and learn that they will in return give back to there country and village here in Cazale.
Would you consider helping to send a child of any age to school this year?

What grades you can sponsor:
      ~Kindergarten (ages 3 to 5) – There are 3 years here.

      ~1st through 6th grade (ages 5 and up) 

      ~7th through 10th grade (ages 14 and up)
      ~Vocational School (Sewing, Cooking, Lab Tech, Nursing, etc) 
            Please contact us if you are interested as costs are higher.

The below cost includes:
   tuition for 1 year            inscription            report cards            uniform
   all books                        notebooks           graduation fees       crayons
   pens                              scissors                book bag                 underclothes
   shoes                            socks                    barrettes                 ribbons
   pencils                           and any other school related activities

The cost is $200 per year.  Many people send $17 a month to cover the cost.  I will be posting some pictures soon of the kids that need a sponsor.  Lori and I will soon be posting about the upcoming semi-container as well.  Thanks to all of you that help, love and encouage us.


3 Responses to School Sponsorship

  1. I’d like to sponsor a young girl to go to Kindergarten. Hopefully I can continue to sponsor her throughout her life. Just let me know,

  2. negresse says:

    I would like to get in touch with you please let me know how that is to good for me not to be a part of it GOD BLESS YOU

  3. David Whalen says:


    I hope I am posting this comment in the right place. Noticed your mention of a vocational school and the possibility of sponsoring someone attending this program.

    Would you kindly send me any info you might have about this program, i.e. the various vocations you train students towards, cost of sponsorship, where school is located, number of students that currently attend, etc.

    Many thanks.


    David in Canada

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