Random happening….

We had four children go home this week only to take in three more.  Pictures coming soon.  We have been working on putting a flush toliet in the RC for a few weeks now.  They are laying the cement floor today.  Then we will paint it.  I have a few more projects as well.  Pictures to come. I will be trying as I can to post clinic stuff as well.  Should be a fun month.   I have a friend coming in next week as well to help out.  She has lived in Haiti for several years.  She ran the place when my mom died several years ago.  She will be a great blessing to us.  There are two other long term (over a month) ladies coming in in the next few months as well.


This is Frank (white shirt) and Yves (green shirt).  They both work for RHFH.  Yves always goes to town with dad and helps him out.   Frank always stays here with us girls.  They are here just to help us do what every we need help doing.  They both are here when the sun is rising and often leave when it is setting.  They start the generator, give out the food for the day, paint, clean, load and unload boxes, change propane tanks, get water, work on the water lines, deliver message, deliver papers, find parents of kids in the RC. Just about anything—they are there to do it.  They have helped to take a lot of stress off of me.  They are taking vacation time when dad is gone.  They are switching off each week.  I trust both of them so much and appreciate all they do to help me out.  They are a blessing. They will come 24/7 if I need them or have a problem. God bless them!

Lori and Charles left today for Indiana.  Lori and I worked until 2:30am this morning.  I went ahead and went to bed.  Lori did not go to bed.  She had so many last minute things to do and get done before she left.  So she just stayed up and left here at 4am packed and they left for the airport at 5:30am.  I think they left Haiti around 9am or so. Here we are early last night…crazyness.  You know I do not think we would do this life here without each other. Seriously..not a joke. 

Here is a note she left me.  In case you wondering YOS means your only sister. 


I still need several more sponsors for the school kids.  Interested?  contact me licia@realhopeforhaiti.org

We have several cases of new tennis shoes donated and shipped on the last semi trailer.  I have been saving them until school starts.  So I started sorting them and giving them out on Monday.  We have been able to bless over 100 children with new shoes so far this year.

Someone will be going tomorrow to buy the school books.  In Haiti, you go to the school you are attending and they give you a list of what you need for that year.  Each grade has a list with the materials and books needed.  I takes these list and made a huge list of all the books needed.  I must say that I am a little freaked out this year.  I have about 40 kids.  Each child has and average of 6 books.  With the prices of everything increasing I am not sure how much this year will be. 


The local judge called us last night.  He wanted to tell Lori to have a good trip in the states.  He also said he called to tell us thank you.  He also told me he is going to come and help me work when Lori is gone.  He said he could not see any blood.  Any suggestions on what to give a judge to do?

More to come…


2 Responses to Random happening….

  1. Bekki says:

    if he can’t see blood – perhaps changing poopy diapers?????

    Surely a judge is used to dealing with s…tuff.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love the relationship you and your sister have, and the ministry you do together. This past year I have been blessed to live just a few blocks away from my own sister here in Chile, and it has been so sweet to share life and ministry on the mission field together!

    How wonderful that God has given you a special relationship with the local judge! The ripple effects of your service to others is far-reaching.

    Yes, we had hoped to be in Haiti this week! Unfortunately, our trip has been postponed but I would love to meet you … Jamie told me her USCIS appt is the day we arrive (Sept 23) but we don’t land until 2:30 pm … not sure if it will work out or not.

    GOD bless you!

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