Going home this week

This is Lomy and Jonas.  They are brothers. They were admitted into the RC in June.  Lomy weighted 28 pounds, and Jonas weighed 22 pounds. They went home this week.  Lomy weighed 33 pounds and Jonas weighed 26 pounds when they returned home.  They were only here a little over 2 months but they are doing well and I need the space for others (those will be in my next post).  They will return every two weeks for weigh ck ups.   They have a great mom that visited them each week.  She never came with out bringing them a gift.

This is Reginal.  He was admitted at the beginning of the month.  He was burned when a hot pot of bean sauce splashed in his face.  The first picture is on Aug 8th.

Second picture on Aug 12th

Going home on Aug 19th.  This is so amazing that he healed so well and so fast! PTL!

This is Valdo.  He has been here since March.  He mother visited a few times the first month and then we never saw her.  We have been posting her picture on the gate and in the clinic on the boards.  Someone saw her passing by this week and brought her in.  I asked her why she never came back.  She said once she saw he was going to live she was not worried.  AH!  Valdo came in at 21 pounds and is going home at 30 pounds. Notice the new black hair.


One Response to Going home this week

  1. Scarlett says:

    hey, so glad to see this progress. im in the process of opening a bank account right now. im so glad he healed so well!

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