Happy Birthday Henley!

 Henley turned 6 yesterday!  We had a fun day with the kids!  Here is Carmelo in his winter coat.  Everyone was so cold when the hurricane passed over us. This coat came down on the container one year.  Carmelo has been saving it to wear whenever he gets to go the the USA.

 This was my favorite gift!  The boys all call Enoch “Hulk”  So Henley thought he was so cool.




***I have someone that has some much needed supplies for the RC that lives in Hot Springs, AR.  This is a long shot–but if anyone is heading up towards Indiana let us know.  We would be greatful! 

***There has been $100 pledged towards the shipping of the container.  Please let me know if your interested!


2 Responses to Happy Birthday Henley!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Such great pictures – I especially like the one of you with the boys! (:

  2. Angie, RN says:

    Angie was able to find some good deals on kids clothes today. They were all clearenced out and will be great for the RC. We will send them down on the semi. We plan on taking supplies to the storage shed next week! We are having dinner with everyone on Tuesday evening! Can’t wait!

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