Friday….what a day

I want to thank  God so much for giving me the opportunity to serve Him.  I want to thank Him for trusting me to take care of these children.  I want to thank him for all those he has saved and healed.  I want to thank him for those that He has taken to heaven and that are not suffering anymore.  I want to thank him for ALWAYS providing for us.  Whether it be a can of infant formula, a bottle full of medicine, a bar of soap, a cloth diaper, a piece of meat, a bag of rice, a cool glass of water, clothes to wear, a chair to sit on, a bed to lay on, faithful monthly supporter, one time donations, water to take a bath with, burn cream, a broom to sweep the floor, I am telling you God I am so thankful to YOU for always providing for us. ALWAYS never a moment late ALWAYS there with us every step of the way.  Thank you dear Jesus for letting me live this life here.  Thank you for giving me strength Thank you for encouraging me thank you for molding and making me into what you want me to me.  Oh Dear Jesus THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


New burn with hot bean sauce.


After skin removed.

Remember Fleusana?

Here are her legs today.  Her papa came back today.  He told me all the way down the mountains when he walked yesterday he thought about her.  He was sure that she would be dead.  When he saw her and her legs healed over…..what a great moment.  Lord give us more of those moments!

Chachard is not doing good at all.  His parents want to take him to another hospital.  The problem is that the grandma said not to give him back to the dad or mom.  She is the one that admitted him.  So she has to be here when he leaves and she will not come.  So my hands are tied.  They will have to go to the local judge to figure it out.  In the mean time, charchard can hardly breath due to his swelling.  He is not good.  Pray for him.


This is Exinel.  His father, in the black shirt, is one of the men that makes all the caskets for all the kids that die here.  The mother of his children lives up in the moutains.  Exinel started swelling up last Sat.  He came and passed in the clinic on Tuesday.  Each day he has got worse.  We are going to keep him here for a few days and see how he does.  They are going to come visit  him each day.  I offered to give them food and PB to help out.  But with other kids in the house they said it will be to difficult to fix and feed him certain foods only. Nice shirt dad.


 This is Viana.  We did not have many people pass in the clinic on Tues and Wed due to the hurricane.  On Thursday afternoon Viana arrived with her mom.  The mother got up and said she saw it was not raining and came down the moutains to the clinic.  When I walked out to meet then, I said “Bonswa” (good afternoon) and Viana said  “ba-m diri”  (give me rice).  In talking to the mother I learned that there are 5 other kids in the family.  They have already lost one to Kwashiorkor.  She borrowed the money come to the clinic to be seen. She had walked all day and not ate or had anything to feed her daughter. We bought a big plate of food for them.  But that is only for one day, and it only fed her and her daughter, what about the other kids and dad at home? 

This is the lady with the infected foot.  Yeah not pretty and not in good shape.

Removing the dead, rotted skin.

Soline is still with us.

I had to take a break from it all and take some “good” “happy” pictures.

Mirelle and Rosena 

 Rosena and a cute little guy

 Three BFF.

 Rosena, Beda and a cute pie girl

UPDATE: Since I posted about the semi container there has been $100.oo for a patial pallet and $250.oo for a pallet donated.


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