Tropical storm Hanna is passing over us.  It has been raining since late yesterday evening.  Rosena’s father died last night.  An uncle walked down the mountains in all the rain this AM in the dark.  He arrived her early and gave us the news.  Due to the rain I cannot send her up today.  They will wait and see if it passed this afternoon. Rosena is very upset and crying.  The family did not ask for help for the burial but thought I would put the need out there and see if anyone was interested in helping.  The main cost is the casket.  We can get a casket made for around $266 US.  Rosena will also need a new white or black dress to wear.  She chose white.  I am trying to find someone in the area that has some white material to buy as the road is not passable due to all the rain.  The dress will cost $10US.  Please, please be in prayer for this young tender heart today.  Pray that the rain lets up so that they will be able to travel up the mountain paths to get there tomorrow.   Email me if your interested in helping


One Response to Rosena

  1. we got the dress.
    $10 coming your way

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