The road…..

Here is one part of the road that is washed out.  Where the people are standing way over there is where the cars are supposite to pass to get by the electric pole that is laying in the river. You can see the tire tracks there at the bottom on the picture.

This is how deep it is and it is still caving in.

Look how the tree held the ground around it

If you look close you can see a bulldozer way up on that mountain.  IT was sent in after Hanna and broke down on the road.

We have heard that cars are passing on the Cabaret side of our road through a banana field.  We are DESPERATE for water today.  The filter machines are not holding up.  This is the water I have to work with.  The river is rising again due to some more rain, we lost out dug out source of the river bank side, we are now walking 1/2 a mile to carry buckets of water that look like this.  This is after it has set awhile.

Passing it through towels

Filtering this……the machines are working full time and keep getting clogged up.

A group from Chrisitan Aid ministries is going to try and drive 1/2 the way here with 100 cases of water.  We will see how far they can get.  We will go to where ever they can get and hand carry it the rest of the way if we have too.  I am worried, everyone is saying they can live with food for awhile but not water.

Tree with the bark ripped off


4 Responses to The road…..

  1. dawn says:

    Licia…I can’t describe how helpless we feel over here…we are trying to mobilize help and funds to get you what you need…please hang in there hon…

  2. Carmen says:

    We are praying for the filter machines keep working and that the cases of water arrive.

  3. Praying for you all. I pray God will give you strength & that water & food will arrive in abundance.

  4. […] their mothers, their brothers and friends. All because of some rain. It breaks our hearts.” RHFH Rescue Center posts photos of damage in other areas of the island. Posted by Janine Mendes-Franco […]

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