Cabaret part #1

Just going to give you some highlights

**2 red cross people came out to Cazale today, they got here late and will return tomorrow.  They said Cabaret was hit harder than we were.

**We have almost got everything out of Lori & Charles house

**It is raining again

**Christian Aid Ministries came to our rescue.  They delivered the water below last night in the dark.  They drove as far as they could and people carried it across the bad area and then got it here

**Troy and Tara L. came out today.  They drove as far as they could and walked the rest of the way in.  They brought many sacks of food, milk, 5 gallon jugs of water, and water parts for our machines.  They got us a filter that should work for dirty river water. They came and just encouraged and talked with me.  I needed that!  We are filtering late tonight so that we can give out water to the community tomorrow.  NO one has had clean drinking water for over 2 weeks.

**Lori will be back in 6 days—can you tell I’m excited!

**Of our 76 employees

                 **houses badly damaged and lost everything-6

                  **Lost their outside kitchen or outhouse-12

                   **animals died-8

                  **gardens, fields destroyed-76

bottled water delivered late last night

This is a part of a cactus that they put in the water here to make the water clean(er)

Beginning to filter water again

This is from the town of Cabaret.  We go into this town and this is where we turn to get to Cazale.  The river from our area runs through the town.  Many of the children and adults found were from up in the moutains behind our village.

A school that was supposed to open this week

this used to be a part of the road where you pass to Cabaret

This is the second washed out place in the road to Cazale


4 Responses to Cabaret part #1

  1. Heather says:

    Praise the Lord for water!!!!!!! And I am so glad the lLivesay’s could encourage you(: We’re still praying here and we won’t stop!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Praise the Lord for clean water!!! Licia, please know that I am lifting you up in prayer as well as your family and co-workers. I knew that T&T were going to try and get you some supplies and I’m glad that they made it.

  3. kelly robinson says:

    I am giving you all my prayers tonight. I am praying Psalm 40—may HE lift you out of the mud and set your feet on solid rock. HIS rock. God bless your work, God bless your workers. God bless the souls crying out for help.

  4. Praise God! Thank you Lord for CAM, the Livesays and your answers to prayers!
    We’ll not stop praying either. God bless you!

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