A five mintue walk…..

A few members of the community development group (GVADK) went out into the village on our side of the river and spoke with the members of the community.  With-in a five minute walking distance there were 34 homes affected.  The losses included spoons, clothing, oil, rice, cooking pots, mattresses, bed frames, dishes, cups, shoes, money, beans, charcol, suits, buckets, dressers, etc.  Of the 34 houses there were 8 that lost all their belongings.  

In these 34 homes there were 197 adults and children.  This again is just within a five minute walking distance.  We will be sending teams out to other areas soon.

The local national school is housing 14 families that have no place else to go.  There are 78 adults and children that are staying there.  These family either totally lost their homes or all their belonging.  The have no place else to go.


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