This afternoon we are planning on bringing in the families that are living in the shelter here in town.  Pictures coming this afternoon.  We are still filtering water 6am to 9pm.  It rained here yesterday afternoon for several hours.  The river was beginning to get cleaner yesterday and not so muddy, but today it is muddy again.  The road is still a major mess.  I sent 2 ladies in town to buy vegetables and eggs for us and the children in the RC.  She bought 25 dozen eggs and was carrying them up the step mountain area were it is  washed out.  She slipped when she got to the top and down went the eggs and her!  She was thankfully okay and we only lost a few dozen eggs.  It is just such a struggle to get things here.  IF the road could be fixed it would make things SOOOOOO much easier.  We are thinking on what trail to have Lori and Charles walk in on.  They will most likely take the long way around to be on the safe side.  A big Thank you to T & T Livesay for picking them up at the airport for us today.  I know you all know they are great friends of ours, when I was in trouble here last week I got ahold of them and let them know what was happening.  Their answer was tell us what we need to do to help you.  They both talked with me on the phone and prayed with me when we were done talking. They were here the next day with much needed supplies and parts for the filter machines.  We and the community of Cazale were so thankful. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am about Lori and Chalres being back here.  They will be able to help make some much needed decisions and take a load off of me. It has been hard.  Really hard.  Clinic is going well today.  We are not back up to full speed, but lots of people needing meds.  more to come…..


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