flood victims…

We finished up with the 20 families that were staying in the shelter today.  There were well over 100 adults and children that came.  Everyone was able to pass free in the clinic and will be able to do so for three months.  They also received a box of food and supplies.

Here are some of the people waiting to be seen.  We were able to talk with them and encourage them.

This baby was born yesterday morning in the shelter.  He is healthy and doing well.

Here is what each family received

I was able to pray with each family and try to encourage them as best I could

Here is a family of 13– the dad is in the blue hat, mom in front with the black and white dress grandpa in back with olive green shirt


Lori and Charles made in here.  They had quite a time getting here but they are here!  yeah!


3 Responses to flood victims…

  1. Amy G says:

    All of those children are so beautiful! And what an encouragement, I’m sure, for them to get food. Blessings and prayers to you tonight.

  2. Suzanne Seagren says:

    What you are doing is wonderful. We are in the process of adopting two little girls from an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. Their birth certificates say that they were born to Ghislaine Francisque living and residing in Beilac, rural section of the community of Cabaret.

    I can’t find Beilac, doing google searches for it, to see if it was damaged during the storms. I thought maybe you might be familiar with it. Or maybe even heard of their mother to know if she is ok.

    Also, wondering if you have ever done life stories for anyone that is adopting? Collecting information about the birth family so that my girls could know about their birth mother/family when they get older.



  3. alejandra says:

    hi licia, my sister is going again to haiti , to the village, the end of september or beginning october, I will send donations for the RC with her.
    keep in contact

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