Guess What?

Last night it started raining around 5pm and rained until about 8pm.  It was a very hard rain for about 2 hours.  The river overflowed again!  It was up to the gate outside the houses.  It did not flood as bad as last night, but gave the whole town a big scare.  When I saw the river rising I went out to the gate and saw it was rising very quickly.  I looked out and the crazy lady was standing right by the edge of the river.  Frank tried to go and get her to come in.  She punched him.  He came back and I started to go out to her but the water was high and I was a little nervous.  Yves came and Frank said let them go get her.  They both went and grabbed her and got her inside the gate.  She was mad for a few minutes but after that okay. 

We brought the flood victims that were in the local shelter over to give them food, love, prayer and encouragement.  There were 20 of them that go trapped on our side of the river.  So here I have these 20 people that have already lost their homes and cannot even get back to the shelter they were in.  What a mess.  We opened up the clinic and made beds for them all.  We made a HUGE pot of rice and beans and fed everyone.  We were also able to find enough scrubs for everyone to change so they did not have to sleep in wet clothes.

When it was raining so very hard all I could thing of was…..there will be no clean water tomorrow.  We have been catching rain water off the side of the roof and did so again last night.  We were able to collect about 500 gallons last night.  I know its had to believe but this will all be used by early this afternoon. 

The river water washed away around the only bridge left into Cazale.  It cannot be passed by car or motorcycle.  Only by foot and you have to jump.  Yeah —Lori and Charles are on there way here as I write. 

What do you all think?  I think I could write a book……if only I had time!


5 Responses to Guess What?

  1. J-HY says:


  2. Ericka says:

    You could without a doubt, definitely write a book. I love the crazy lady. This will be me in a few years….
    I’m still waiting for the FMSC approval, – please keep praying. Abby said I should know by the end of the week…….

  3. blueraindrop says:

    blog sort of is a book…. only written in real time rather than by memory

  4. Teresa says:

    You encourage and inspire me with your endless love and endurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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