A most exciting Day!

 I am sooooo excited to write this post today!  We had a large team of doctors, nurses, water guy, and many others that came today to help in the clinic. It was so GREAT!  Enoch and Jeanne (our volunteer who rocks!) went to met them at the mountain top.  I do not have time to write more now.  Pictures will tell the story.  Keep praying that the storm misses us!  Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers……and especially thank to God because he is the reason I am here!


Haitian police sent out to protect the US military.

My boys with the police.  Enoch took this picture, I was like look at the gun right in front of Trey!

These two doctors did so  much today.  They we so encouraging to us.  They were able to look at the lady with the bad infected heal.   They told me I saved her limb!  How great is that.  God is good!




We handed out the food they brought yesterday to 52 families in the area.

Each family has a card to come in and get things.  Red is most affected so they came in first.


We were able to give out cracked corn, flour, oil, Peanutbutter, cream, water, rice and beans.

At the end of the day the mother of the child pictured below brought her son in.  He was suffering from diar and several things.  He was almost dead when he came.  Lori started an IV and he died a

 a few hours later. 


Continue to pray the storm misses us!


8 Responses to A most exciting Day!

  1. Amy says:

    Praise the Lord! I can read the excitement in your words. I’m so happy that help/support/food came!

    The little boy that passed away was so adorable…now he is able to run and play in heaven! Praise God!

    ~Amy in Wisconsin

  2. dawn says:

    Oh Licia…this just made me cry with joy!! The immense relief in your voice is palpable. Praising God with you for these angels of blessing!

  3. Ericka says:

    I’m so grateful you are getting some relief and peace. These last few weeks have just been incredibly hard handling everthing by yourself….you are one strong lady.
    Those pictures are incredible……

  4. Sandy Kinnaman says:


    So exciting to see help coming. We continue to pray here at Greenbriar in Indiana. There is a look of relief on your faces. Praise God-He is able!!!

  5. Stephanie Mueller says:

    Hi Licia and Lori, I wanted let you know that I was very happy to meet you in Indiana on your last trip. I pray the storage facilities are filled the rest of the way and you have no problems shipping the carg to Haiti. Thank you for you blog. I would love to be doing what you are right now. For now I am coordinating every 6 month trips with Nehemiah Vision Ministries for Chambrun Haiti. If God leads us that way I am willing to go full time. Every time I see your posts like this one with the boy I desire more and more to use my nursing skills to help in every way I can. Maybe I could come work in you clinic for a week sometime. I would LOVE that.
    I wanted to give you the list of places that I have received free supplies again. Kingsway Charities, Catholic Medical Mission Board (very easy process), Vitamin Angels (Rachel Whitehead) I have gotten all my deworming meds and high dose VitA from them for free. I have gotten non prescription supplies from Americares, toothbrushes vitamins hand sanitizers tylenol pedialyte etc., for free they also have prescription items. I know you said you like to get large amounts at a time. If you find someone that would be willing to coordinate small free shipments and store it until you are ready to get a container shipped it would be worth it.
    Let me know if I can help you in any way. I am so glad to see you have had some relief this week. Well keep praying, I cant wait to be back in Haiti I am comming Oct. 21-28 for my next clinic.
    Stephanie Mueller

  6. Kayla says:

    Oh I am so glad to see that you are finally get help!

  7. Cheryl says:

    Licia, I thank God for you and what you do every day in Haiti! I am thrilled along with you that our government and military sent in support staff and provisions for the people in your area!

    Some day, Lord willing, I would love to come to Cazale as a nurse to help you out for awhile.

  8. lola says:

    Im just a passer by, I just come across your web site. I do not have money to donate sadly I wish I had it all to give to the children. I just want to say its a beautiful thing you all are doing. God will bless you all. My heart hurts so bad to see such hurt I have a 15 month old and never did it pain me soo to see other children hurt. I wish I could do what you do but I have degree in anything just a big heart. Thank you for what you do

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