My dad was sitting in a chair that had wheels on the feet.  (kind of like an office chair).  He dropped something and bent down to pick it up.  The chair flew out from behind him and he tried to caught his balance, but he fell backwards and cracked his head on the table.  He got up and felt his head and it was bleeding.  He got a paper towel and held it on his head and drove himself to the hospital.  He ended up having to have 11 staples in above his right ear.  Yikes!  We are, of course, are so thankful that he is okay.  We are also thankful that he was able to make it to the hospital by himself. 

Dad does all the running for us girls. He goes to town at least 3 times a week to get supplies for the RC and clinic.  He is always trying to make contacts and get the word out about Cazale and RHFH.  He speaks in churches and groups stateside and raises funds to keep this place going.  He and my mom are who started working in Haiti 14 years ago.  The sold everything we owned and gave their lives to serve on the mission field.  I wanted to get on a plane and go be with him, I was so sad he was there by himself.  But God took care of him.

He will be returning to Haiti in the next few weeks.  Please pray that he continues to heal quickly and recover.  Pray for safe travels and pray that our road can get fixed!  We love you dad and miss you!


8 Responses to Dad

  1. Sadie says:

    I held my breath halfway through your post. I am so thankful that he was okay, and prayers are going up for a full and quick recovery for him.

  2. Tess says:

    Unbelievable! Its just one thing after another for you guys!

  3. Bekki says:

    Tell Zach I send my love. And not to try to pick stuff up while sitting in a rolling chair.
    Prayers covering the Zachary family – and RHFH Haiti

  4. lori says:

    licia – he was visiting over at dad/mom/madisyn’s last night for quite some time – mom called to tell me about it as soon as he left, but she said that he was acting as if he was feeling pretty good – i wanted you to know that i’m sure he’s sore [very], but good enough to go visiting – BTW, i miss you guys!!

  5. Georgi says:

    your dad does have a nasty boo boo. this is one time you can thank God for your dad being ‘hard-headed’. LOL our prayers are with you all.
    God bless,

  6. nearlynormalized says:

    What kind of mission is you Dad doing in Haiti? He is fortunate to have a loving and understanding family.

  7. lwayswright says:

    I’m glad he is okay!

  8. homelessgirl says:

    omy goodness

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