Water Missions International

Jeanne (pictured below) came into Haiti a few days before the flood.  She has been working hard everyday to help us.  She has stuck with it and has done a little bit of everything.  She has been a great encourager, helper, listener, and laughs at our jokes!  Really whether she realizes it or not, I believe that she was sent here directly by God to help me when I was going through everything a few weeks ago.  After the flood she contacted an organization called Water Mission International.  She emailed back and forth with them and we have one of their machines for the community of Cazale.  These machines can produce 10 gallons of water a minute!

Enoch and a bunch of guys went out and picked up the system at the main road.  It took about 4 hours to get it here.  They got stuck in the mud.  But it made it here.  The hardest part was that one of the baskets weighs over 800 pounds!  So we had to get lots of strong guys to help get it here.  It was a community effort and will benefit everyone.  Here is the system arriving last Friday.

Two volunteers, Scott and Eric, came out on Monday afternoon to set it up and teach Enoch and the guys how to run it. Here they are talking and figuring out where to set it up at.

Unpacking and taking inventory

This is the bottom half of the system

putting the first tank up

Here is the complete system set up!  Yeah!  It was so exciting!

These are filters that are full of sand and gravel and other materials that filter the water

This cylinder is full of chlorine tablets that help to keep the water clean

You stick this hose into the dirty river water

The above part lays in the river and then this hose goes up to a pump

This is a pump that pulls the dirty river water up to the machines

The pump pulls the water through the clear white tube.  The tube then goes through a metal pipe that is buried under the road where the cars pass over it.

After the water passed through the machines it then comes back out through the blue pipe that is running around the pump (pictured above).  This pipe then runs into a pipe out front.  Everyone can come whenever they need water and fill up there buckets and gallons.


What a blessing this is to the community of Cazale.  Before we had this water filter machine, we were giving out and using for ourselves and the kids in the RC about 650-700 gallons a day.  Yesterday we were able to provide over 2000 gallons to the community.  We used for us and the kids in the RC around 1000 gallons.  That is a lot of clean water!  We thank God first of all for making all these connections happen.  We thank Water Missions International for all their dedication and hard work.


6 Responses to Water Missions International

  1. Sadie says:

    What an awesome blessing!! 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:


  3. STEVEN BUSH says:

    this is incredible!!!

  4. Amblin says:

    Praise God!! What a wonderful blessing!

  5. J-HY says:

    Wow…so great to hear. Praise God!

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