Are you ready to burst your bubble?

I was heading to bed and thought I would check the blog stats and see who is checking me out.  I came across a new blog that I had not seen before that was linked to me.  I click over on this blog and found the below written.  This blog gets it–really gets it.  I called Lori and read it to her.  We both loved it! Thank you for writing this and really getting it, hoping even more people are willing to bust their bubbles.

 Here is what she wrote:

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve visited this site.  

I forgot that as my hectic life continued, lives there continued to end.  

It’s easier to not look, so you don’t have to feel the sadness.  Just because I don’t look doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt.    

I forget.  

How can I forget about them?  

Because my perfect, blessed life here in my own bubble continues.  

I promise to look more.

When I do look, I find myself almost holding my breath.  To see children the same ages as my own suffering.

Dying.  To become almost in a way attached to a picture of a child, only to see the pictures of their lifeless feet at the end their beds, just days later.  I can’t-not do anything about it. 

It’s not right.  It’s not fair.  It doesn’t have to be this way.     

I promise to remember more, and to be thankful for our health and the health of our children.

To do something more about what they are going through. 

We all fall asleep under the same moon each night and wake to the same sun.  

I wonder what the motherless and fatherless have to look forward to?

Do they know who Jesus is?  Do they know that he suffers with them? 

I wish that I could get my hands on them.  

I plan to make that a reality. 

Remember them tonight while you pray and seek within your hearts, to help these precious children.

Blessed are they to be within arms reach of these women and in the Hands of our Heavenly Father.


Do you feel like “bursting your bubble” also?



4 Responses to Are you ready to burst your bubble?

  1. Amy G says:

    Wow- I have thought those same things. I, too, find myself holding my breath when I look at the pictures sometimes. Don’t know why. But it’s good to burst our bubbles and get outside of our comfort zone.

  2. sbeth3 says:

    We are the blessed, because of what you do every day! Thank you for caring for these precious, precious children Licia and Lori! Your rewards will be great indeed.


  3. […] friend (practically family) is in the process of adopting from Haiti, I have been following the Rescue Center blog in Haiti recently. Although the news is sometimes sad, I cannot help but read because I want to be […]

  4. evanweatherford says:

    YEAH!! Praise the Lord.

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