cake makes everything seem better

**I went into Port today for a visa app for Carmelo.  He was denied for a tourist visa.  We were 99.9% sure that this is what would happen but did not want to be a “no show”.

**We got to eat a cheesebugar and fries

**Lori and I got the experience of using the bathrooms in the new american consult.  They appeared to be nice and new until we entered and saw there were no doors on the stalls.  That was odd. 

**The RC admitted 7 new children this week

**The president of Haiti came to Cazale yesterday and was standing about 4 feet in front of me.

**We need some toys for the kids….I am going to be checking some prices this week for some gently used toys

**Pray for my dad he is sick– fever, headache, stomach pain, bones hurt etc.

**Osna died this week

**The american consult has AC.

**I miss my brother and his family. His baby girl turned 1 this week

**We had a good lunch today.  We sat inside a little shed that has AC and a TV.

**The trailer in out of customs and will be unloaded TOMORROW!  PTL!!!!

**Jeanne only has two weeks left here 😦

**When I got ready this AM to go to the american consult with Carmelo I realized that I had no socks..yes that is right I do not own a pair of socks, I always wear sandles.  I had to wear a pair of dads that were about 4 sizes to big

**The above picture is of Trey eating, enjoying, loving a piece of chocolate cake, the goggles..lets see..that is just Trey…you never know what outfit he will have on.

More tomorrow…I need some sleep


4 Responses to cake makes everything seem better

  1. Jennifer says:

    What a great picture. You can tell he had been wearing them on his forehead also. Too cute!

  2. Bekki says:

    What ridiculousness! I am so steamed at our government. Where I live – you can’t swing a cat without hitting an immigrant. (Really, I’m not a bigot) And I can’t for the life of me see why the husband and son of an AMERICAN CITIZEN can’t even get a visitor’s visa. Seriously, I’m running for President in 2012. I’ll call it the “Get Real” party.

  3. Licia-

    When you unload, there should be about 2 laundry baskets of toys that I gave Lori in september. Some of the toys are building toys, and when I got back from Anderson that day, I realized that I had a walmart bag full of some of the parts. I meant to send them with a couple people headed your way, and forgot. So, I have all of the parts here. Is anyone coming out to cazale before Jamie Ivey does in December? If so, let me know and I have them ready to ship. Also, you will find one black sandal amongst everything…that match is also in the bag…and a part to a little tikes truck. Don’t ask me how this all was left behind, but it was… 🙂 If it is not too much of a bother to hold on to the toys that are not complete, I promise to get you all of the parts!!! Let me know what you want me to do. sorry for the hassle.

    Praying for your family and all of the kids!!!

  4. Angie, RN says:

    Hope your dad feels better soon. Sorry to hear about Carmelo. I know its frustrating! Keep your chin up!

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