Rosena died last week.  She fought to live for over a week.

This little boy 2 year old boy came in on Monday.  He has kwashiorkor, vomiting, diar and fever.  He died on Friday morning at 3am. This was his second time with kwashiorkor.  He has had one other sibling that has died of kwashiorkor.



 Exinel came in a few weeks before the flood.  He has kwashiorkor.  His stomach and legs were very swollen.

Here he is going home with his dad.

 This is Chinel.  He is 3 years old and weighs 23 pounds.  He has Kwashiorkor, fever, sores.  This is the second time he has had kwashiorkor.  He has had two sibling that have died. 

This is Venia.  He mom died last week, after she was born, from blood loss.  The family buried her then brought the baby down to the RC.  She is only 1 week old. 

 This is Jenny.  He is 10 months old and weighs 10 pounds.  He has fever and diar and is very sick.   When he was 4 months old he weighed 11 3/4 pounds.  He has been losing weigh for several months now.  He has has kwashiorkor twice. 



This is Mackenlove.  He is 8 months old and weighs 11 pounds.  He has fever, vomiting, diar and is sick.  He has been following in the clinic since he was 2 months old.

This is Chavens.  He is 6  years old and has kwashiorkor. His dad left him for a few days at the RC.  He returned and said the mother was mad that he left the child with us.  We talked for a while and he took him back home.  He said he looked worse and that he could get someone to give him a shot in the mountains to make the swelling go down in a few days.  What???  I told him that we really do not give much medicine but vitamins to the children. He just needs to eat…..lots of food, high in protein.  The dad laughed at me like I was crazy.  Pray for Chavens and his life.

 This is Biassous.  He is 28 months old and weighs 17 pounds.  He has kwashiorkor, cough, sores and fever.  This is his first time with kwashiorkor.  He is an only child.

 76 children and adults in the RC.


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  1. Angie, RN says:

    I hate it that those 2 little ones had to die do to poor nutrition. Its just not fair! I am so glad you are there to help those ones who have joined the RC this week. God has truly used you and your family to help the people of Haiti. It breaks my heart to see these kids starving. May God bless them!

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