Update for a few patients in the RC

This is Yvanie.  She came to the clinic, referred to us by the Red Cross, shortly after the flood.  Her foot got cut as she was trying to escape her house from the raging flood waters.  One of her children were washed away in the flood.  She buried her child, forgot about herself and her foot, and it became terribly infected.  When the US and Canadian troops visited us, they took care of her foot.  It was in very bad shape, very infected and caused her not to be able to walk on it.  She decided to stay with us in the RC so that we could do daily dressing changes for her.   


Her leg is healed and she is going home this week.  She is walking fine and ready to get back with her other children.


She thank us and thank God for saving her foot.  She had several people tell her that her foot would have to be cut off because it was so bad and infected. She is also about 4 months pregnant, which she just let us know last month.



This is Merlien (Jacob).  He came in several months ago and tested postive for TB.  Notice the nasty puss running down his neck?  Yeah …yuck



It took several months for him to heal up.  He went home this weekend.


 Remember Schnaider? 


 He has been in the states for several months now getting surgery to repair his cleft lip and palate.  Thanks so much to Salem and her family and the Medical Advocacy team for all the love they gave to him while her was there.

 Here he is this week with his mama.



Soline week one


 Soline a few weeks later


 Soline today…..amazing what food and love can do for a child!



4 Responses to Update for a few patients in the RC

  1. Tamara says:

    Those are amazing pictures!!! Thank you for sharing them. I think about you guys all the time…

  2. Randy M says:

    The Soline photos (some of yours and others from Troy) were shown at our Festival for Haiti dinner last Saturday night. Many people were struck by the extremeness of her situation and many were moved to tears when they saw the turnaround and her beautiful smile. God also encouraged a good number of the attendees to embrace the Medika Mamba project at the Rescue Center so we can have hundreds more Soline-like success stories. Also, your video clip we shot when visiting was great Licia. Please know that you have a lot of Minnesotans praying for all of you.

  3. grahamsowa says:

    Great to see Jacob healed up! It is amazing what some antibiotics and good food can do to avert otherwise certain death.

  4. JG says:

    AMAZING!!! May God continue to bless you as you do his work!

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