This baby weighs 2.5 pounds.  It is two months old.  The mother came to clinic this week.  She refused any type of help unless it was money.  We offered to take the child in the RC, send it to another hospital, find help at a good facility but she refused.  She has fed the child infant formula, regular food, and other things.  She went to the local voudou place in her town as she thought it was a sickness brought on by satan.  The man told her that she needed to take the child to the Cazale clinic, it did not have a sickness from Satan. A referal from the oungan priest to our clinic, that is a first.


New burn staying in the RC.  Back of legs.  His name is Desire he is 8 years old and has 8 siblings.



This is Resina.  She is 9 years old and weighs 31 pounds.  She has kwashiorkor in her legs mostly.  She has 6 siblings.  She is very sick and malnourished.



This is Rose Mica.  She is 14 months old and weighs 12 1/2 pounds.  She has kwashiorkor. vomiting, diar. and a 103 fever.  This is her first time with Kwashiorkor.



The boys eating/drinking coconuts





The semi trailer has been unloaded.  Here are some of the boxes.


Notice the sweat on Yves shirt (the middle guy)


PB to give out


dad working hard to get everything unloaded


Guess what…there is some big equipment on the Cazale road fixing all the bad places….they are working round the clock,,,pictures coming soon!


7 Responses to Monday

  1. dawn says:

    A huge part of me wishes I would never have to see those pictures.

    A bigger part of me knows that I need to keep looking and never turn away.

    God bless your work.


  2. Sadie says:

    Prayers going up for everyone… for that sweet baby especially, but also for everyone in the RC, everyone in the community, and prayers that everything in the semi can help everyone in the community.

  3. Jake & Bitsy says:

    They look so sad. We are just so thankful people have been led to help them. God bless them please.

  4. Diane says:

    So thankful to see your Dad is feeling better!!!

  5. Stephanie Mueller says:

    Hi Lica and Lori, I keep up on your blog always and just felt I had to reply to this post. It took me a while to even figure out what to say. I thank you for showing all of what Haiti is. I want to know but it is hard to see. I feel God is leading me at some point in my life to do what you are doing full time and not just part time like I am now with NVM. I pray for you and the children and am so thankful that God placed you where he did to help them but also for the impact it has on my life and thoughts here. You are role models for me to see your faith, trust and watch God moving in everything. Thank you for posting everything and being real.
    Stephanie Mueller

  6. Andrea Schmick says:

    We are praying, praying, praying for His will to be done and for His people to rise up (including ourselves). I am so thankful for you openness and your service to the King of Kings. He said, “Let the children come unto me”, and He blessed them. He also said that what you do to the least of these you’ve done unto Me. May He richly bless you and encourage you in His calling! Your boys are a delight. 🙂

  7. Marcie says:

    That precious little baby…….Why, why, why?

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