road work

Here are some of the pictures of the road crew working.  They have come through and knocked out a wider path for the road.  People have built small loto banks and places to sell food near or on the road and they tore stuff down.  They gave everyone about 1 hours to remove their produce and belongings.


This is right in front of our place.  The little white building in a loto bank.  The guys are beating the cement out from under neath it  to be able to lift the bank up before they destroy it.


Here they are carrying it down the road. 


 The small cement building in the right of the picture was knocked down as well.




 This is right beside the bridge. 




2 Responses to road work

  1. Grahamsowa says:

    OK, Please get a picture of your dad sitting in or operating one of those big machines. I just want to see the smile on his face 🙂

  2. Jean-Claude Belidor says:

    U are doing a great job to let people like me who are living far away informed about the situation back home. Congratulations and thanks!

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