A happy picture post

 I remember disecting a worm in school years ago.  Carmelo had to do that this week.  It was in his science lesson.  We looked and looked for worms that would be good, but only found skinny malnourished looking worms.  How depressing.


Yes it was a very exciting day.  After we did ours we looked on utube to try and find some videos for him to watch.  Guess what every video we watched the people were wearing gloves.  Carmelo thought I was such a bad teacher for not wearing gloves.


We all went down to the office with Lori  to perform the dissection.  She had some cool glasses that “Gran” (my mom) used to wear stitching up people. Great times that I hope the boys will never forget.


 Some vetiver we replanted on a mountain side a few weeks ago.  They have long deep roots that help hold the soil.


carrying rock to make a rock wall in a ravine


Last week we took Kelly, a child from the RC to a new home, I will post about that soon.  We had to wait for our mechanic for several hours.  Dad sleeping…


Yves sleeping….



Henley and I making fun of dad when he almost fell out of the seat when he was sleeping


The boys have been collecting caterpillars.  They are beginning to hatch. 


First one to take flight flew on Carmelo’s shirt



2 Responses to A happy picture post

  1. Bekki says:

    What a fun, cool Mom you are! Love you!

  2. Mathieu says:

    Dear Hope For Haiti Rescue center,
    Thank you for the work you are doing with your family in Haiti with the rescue center. It is much appreciated. I noticed one of the pictures you posted had no names and you asked if anyone knew his name. well the statue is that of General Alexandre Petion. one of our forefathers.

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