Kelly and Emmanuel

This is Kelly.  He was abandoned in the clinic yard in  May 2007 .  He cannot talk, wears a diaper, needs help feeding himself, pick up everything and stick it in his mouth, and was becoming a danger to some of the younger kids.  He would just walk over them and not really look where he was going.  Kelly would not even make eye contact with us when he first came.  When he left a few weeks ago he was to the point of looking at us when we called his name, following some directions, giving hugs and sometimes a kiss, letting us touch him and hold him.  After many emails, prayers and suggestion of places here in Haiti, God led us to a special place.


Someone from Wings of Hope responded to one of my emails.  They were very nice and understanding.  The decided to sent the director out to Cazale to meet with us and meet Kelly to see if he would fit into their program.  The director tried several times to come and each time it was in between one of the hurricanes or tropical storms. He finally made it out to Cazale the day before Ike hit.  Wings of Hope emailed and called several times during the next few weeks.  They wanted to help us in any way that they could.  They offered top get water or supplies to us if possible.  They said when the road was passable just let them know and they would come out and get Kelly. 


We waiting because I wanted to go with him to take him to his new home.


We went a few weeks ago.  When we got there we met the staff and got a tour of the facilities.   Very nice and clean.  Very good staff.  More than I could have hoped for.  The group was downstairs singing and dancing.  We went down with Kelly.  He went right in with the group of children and listened to the music.  He even tried to play the drums.  We had a great day and made some new friends.  When we were getting ready to leave, the staff said they had something for us.  They had collected two large bags of clothes and supplies for the victims of the recent floods.  WOW!  The also gave us and envelope with some cash for flood relief.  WOW WOW!  We were so blessed and thankful to them for their gift.  This is Kelly below in the yellow shirt at his new home.



This is Emmanuel. He was brought to us by the Livesay family in June 07.  He was 21 days old and weighed 3 pounds 11 ounces.  His mother died and some family members were trying to take care of him.  They did not show up to bring him to the clinic in Cazale.  Troy and Tara drove the baby to our place.  They stopped a few times on the way just to make sure he was breathing.  He was in bad shape.  I will tell you the truth, when I first saw him, I did not have much hope that he would survive.  We put a feeding tube down and prayed and hoped and prayed.


He did well and started to gain weight each week. 


He was a very happy loving baby.


He went home this week with his papa.  He weighed 20.5 pounds.  He was walking, running and playing with all the older kids.  He was off of infant formula and eating solid foods.  It was time for him to go back with his family.  His dad, who I had never met before came to see us.  He was very thankful and appreciative for all that we and the Livesay family had done to save his son.  I told him that God had done most of the work.  He said yes God had a big part in his life.



3 Responses to Kelly and Emmanuel

  1. Tess says:

    Emmanuel looks so good!

  2. Angie, RN says:

    Those are 2 wonderful stories. I have been to Wings of Hope and it is a wonderful place. Very clean and they do a wonderful work there. Glad he is going to a place who can help him thrive! Its great to know he will be well taken care of.

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