Road work in Cazale

Preval ( the current president of Haiti), pictured below in the orange plaid shirt and white beard, visited Cazale on Sunday.  This makes the second time in two weeks!  The have been working on the road everyday for about 2 weeks.  The word of the street is that the road WILL be paved and go to Lachapelles. That will be a major road if they continue with the project. 


Some more pictures of the road work



This is how the bridge looks now.  The right side of the bridge in the picture has sunk down several feet.  You can drive over it.


Who said a women in pink PJ’s cannot do a mans job of running a dozer?









3 Responses to Road work in Cazale

  1. blueraindrop says:

    love the pink pj’s contrasting the dozer! lol!

  2. Angie, RN says:

    that is great news. A new road that could be paved would be great! PTL!!

  3. Franz says:

    Please keep me up to date with this new road construction, particularly when it meets RD 109 in La Chapelle in the Artibonite Valley.

    Franz Stuppard
    Columbia, Maryland USA

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