You Go God…

It is well at 11pm….I just posted the post below.  Came down to get formula out for the babies and do some other things into RC.  We will have around 500 people waiting for us tomorrow at 7am in front of the clinic gate for clinic.  I need to get to bed!  I came down to tell Lori to get to bed as she is still up working. She was crying and said it came in…I was like what came in a cut, a new kid, a baby, what????  The money for the medical visas.  Read below and see how awsome our God is….Hi there…

first email..
Our kids have been saving all their change this year as well as doing recycling to raise money for the Rescue Center…tonight we went to turn in their change and we can now cover the remaining 100.00 for the surgeries.  We will be paypaling the money as soon as it hits our account!

Merry Christmas!

second email

just realized that even though we are faithful readers of your blog we didn’t identify ourselves…We are the XXXXXXXfamily…friends of the Livesay Family.  We live in XXXXXXXXX.  Our kids have decided to make the Rescue Center their special project.  So they were more than delighted to see that magic $96…their recycling added up to $34.00 and their change added up to 61.00…so with mom and dad saying we would round up we decided tonight we would send you guys our donation…how cool that we came home to your blog posting!  They were so excited to know they could make a difference.  I love how God works!  

Once there is seeing, there must be acting. Otherwise, what is the use of seeing?

– Thich Nhat Hanh

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