happenings this week….

Lissa died on Thursday afternoon.  Little babies usually do, their bodies can just not take the shock of Kwashiorkor on their system at such a young age.  She was 3 months old and weighed 4 pounds.




This is Makenlove #3 he is 21 months old and weighs 19 pounds.  He has kwashiorkor, vomiting, fever and cough. 


The kwashiorkor is so bad that his legs are splitting open.  He is eating fair and this is his first time with kwashiorkor.


This is Rosemonde. She is 12 months old and weighs 10 pounds.  She is suffering from fever and kwashiorkor.  She makes child number 8.  The family states that the mother went crazy after Rosemonde was born and died a few months ago.


This is Mirlene.  He is 6 months old. He weighs 5 pounds.  His mom said that did not want to breastfed him.  So she decided to give him sugar water and flour.  He has had kwashiorkor one time.  He has lost his suck reflex.  We are working with a syringe to get him to drink.  He is in bad shape. Will you pray for him?



This is Frandes.  He was burned at his home with with hot water.  He is 20 months old. He lives a 6 hour walk one way from the clinic.  So he is staying with us for daily dressing changes until his burn area heals.


This is Sophia.  She is 3 months old and weighs 7 pounds.  The mother died right after she was born.  Dad (in picture) has been trying to feed her but needs to go work in the fields to provide for the other children.


Remember Rosalie???  The one that had the terrrible, huge, infected  heal.  She was going to leave to have her foot amputated the morning after the flood. This is her foot when it started falling apart.


This is the day the back of her heal fell off.


Here it is today. Nothing but a miracle and Roslie thanks Him for it everyday.


Here is Kelly at his new home.  He is putting a decoration on the christmas tree


This is Berline.  She has been here for several months.  Her dad comes and visits every Tuesday.  He stays the whole day and cries the whole time. He said if she would die he would not be able to live.  He loves her so much and is going through so much with losing his wife (Berline’s mom). 


She is doing fair and gaining weigh slowly.  We talked and both felt it would be better, emotionally for the dad, if she returned home. He does not live that far away and can get here if she is having some type of problem.  He was so thankful and I think she will do great with her dad.



3 Responses to happenings this week….

  1. Stephanie Mueller says:

    Hi Licia and Lori, I love reading and keeping up with both of you. Your posts pull at my heart so much. Would you ever let me come and work with you for a week or so? I think I could learn so much from you. I dont know if I ever told you but my background is 10 years of NICU. I am not going back for a medical clinic with NVM until March 28th and then again in Oct. I have been praying about and thinking for a long time about asking if I could ever serve with you. My husband and I have decided that I can start traveling to Haiti three times a year if God shows me the right opportunities to do that. It is just a thought and something I would love to do. I might be more of a hinderance than a help:)
    Thanks, Stephanie Mueller

  2. Emily says:

    My heart is torn for little Frandes! Our littlest burned her hand this past year on an outdoor fireplace, and the ER gave us a big tub of silvadene cream. I kept the contents sterile (as best I could), and I’ve kept what’s left in case we ever needed it again. I’d love to send it to you for Frandes if it would be helpful. (You might already have silvadene; I’m not sure.) You can email me with an address if you’d like me to send it.

    Thanks for your tireless efforts! We’re praying for the family of little Lissa, as well as for your staff and the other children in your care!

  3. Lisa Keefer says:

    Hi Licia and Lori, I’m with the team that sent you all of the meds a few weeks ago from Whitestone Church.I am also interested in serving with you and hopefully in the next couple of years will be able to.I keep up with your blogs daily and am amazed at what you all see on a daily basis and still have so much faith in God.You both are amazing Godly woman who I admire and Love so much and I don’t even know you..I am a peds Rn and went to my first medical clinic in coq chante and am hooked for life…

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