Going home…coming back

Life goes on here….even during the holidays

Mirlene died on Christmas Eve….


These next two kids are near death.  I thought they would die on Christmas…but they are still here

Guefton is having a low grade fever and his eyes are pointed up.(like in the picture)  We started meds and he is doing better but still on an IV.


Mackenlove #3 is not doing well at all.  His little legs have holes all over them where his skin is breaking down.  He was on an IV for 2 days and has a feeding tube in.


We talked to his mom on the phone and told her that he was in bad shape and would most likely not make it.  That was Wednesday and she showed up today (Fri).  When I asked her why she did not come right away, her response was that she was busy.


When a parent does not come back to visit their child, and they are ready to return home, we have to find them ourselves.  Deadline was admited in April of 2008 .  No one has been to see her in about 6 months.  So I sent a staff member to the village of La Digue to find the parents of Deadline. She was refered to us by Dr. Jen for a huge abcess on her backside and she was malnourished.  When admitted she was 16 months old and weighed 12 pounds. 


Here she is going home at 22 pounds.


So back to the story…when a staff member goes to find the parents, he takes a picture of the child with the mother that is taken when the child is admitted, we take down an address.  No this is not like 345 Pearl street or something like that.  The address here are for example….go to the village of XXXXX when you get there go to the Catholic church, make a right and walk past the mango tree, after you pass the mango tree ask for Jean.  Tell Jean my name and he will get you to me.  So that is how a parent is found.  Anyways…..when the staff member was asking for the parents someone asked him where he was from.  He told them who had send him and he was from Cazale.   She said can you come in my yard for a minute?  He said okay….when he got there he found a child that had been at the RC before

 Thsi is Michelot  in Nov of 2007.  He weighed 9 pounds and was 8 months old. 


He stayed with us until Sept of 2008.  Here he is going home at 20 pounds


In just 4 months he has lost almost 4 pounds and is in the beginning stages of kwashiorkor.  So they asked the staff member to call me on the phone  and see if I would be willing to take him back into the RC.   We answered with a big yes.  Here he is today.  


This is Elouikel. 


He was burned when he was a child and his hand healed like this


He had surgery done here in Haiti.  The y released two of  his fingers.  They are healed up now, so he is going home for a few weeks.  He will have surgery in Jan to release the other two fingers.


This is Siliane.  She had surgery done here in Haiti as well.  She has been staying in the RC recovering and waiting for her mother to come back.



Her mom was so happy to see her and was shocked at the change in her appearence.  Here she is going home this week.


 The next two are sisters.  This is Nithana.  She was 22 pounds here.


Almost four months later. Going home.


Here is her sister Nathacha.  Here she is at 23 pounds.


Going home at 30 pounds.


This is Viana at 17 pounds.  Her mom was scared as she had already lost a child to kwashiorkor. 


going home at 22 pounds.


 Adrien went home this week as well.  Cannot find his before picture. 


**So we had lots of children that returned home this week. When the ladies went to lay down the beds last night there were four empty beds.  They looked at me like they did not know what to do.  Four empty beds????We have not had a empty bed in months…But with clinic being closed for the holidays we are expecting that the first week of Jan will bring us more children. 

**They boys and Enoch left to stay in town until Monday.  They are going to go watch a 4 wheeler race…yeah..in Haiti.  The boys were so excited.  What will I do without them for 3 days? 

**There has been a host family found for Bear and Fedna.  These are our two children with the spina bifida.  The MAT team and Jamie are raising funds for tickets.  Check out there post if interested in helping to gets these two to the states quickly for surgery.

**Thanks to everyone that wrote about helping with the website. We are hoping to get started soon!

One Response to Going home…coming back

  1. Jen says:

    hi Licia,
    thanks for posting an updated pic of Deadline…she looks great!!! I hope you were able to track down her parents in La Digue.

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