Up for a challenge?


This post was written today on the MAT blog. 

Please keep praying for Baby Bear. He is holding strong for now but his back is definitely leaking spinal fluid. Bear has run a fever on and off. He is receiving medication daily to help keep an infection away but is definitely on borrowed time and we need everyone to keep praying for him. The passports for both children are possibly going to be ready Monday and if so- then they might be able to have Visa appointments and leave Haiti next week. If not, it could be the following week- please pray for the passport and visa NEXT week. Please also pray for his caregivers as they work to make the best possible decisions and to give Bear the best possible care.

Fedna continues to do great- praise!!

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Because of your generosity and kindness- we have already raised an amazing $975 towards travel expenses for Bear and Fedna. We are getting really close to our goal of $1500 (for two plane tickets from Haiti to Texas).

And a challenge:
We have had an anonymous donor offer to match dollar for dollar your donations up to $250! (Thank you anonymous donor!) If we can just spread the word and even let people know about how far your $5- $10 will go (it becomes $10-$20 instantly)- what a blessing that would be. If we can match up to the $250- then we have the $500 and we will have basically met our goal!

We will post an update on Baby Bear and the Challenge as soon as we have news.
Thanks again for all of your support and kindness.

The Medical Advocacy Team


So the challenge is there…..if you are interested you can go to the blog here.  Every dollar will make a difference in the life of Berlange (Baby Bear). You can make a difference!  We love the people that are involved with the MAT team.  They are very special to us and have helped us here at RHFH so much!  They will do whatever they can to find help for children in need of medical attention.  If you would like to donate you can click here


4 Responses to Up for a challenge?

  1. Kathy says:

    I just pay pal’ed $25 for baby bear.

  2. Bekki says:

    Licia – I paypal’ed $25 also…

  3. Donica says:

    I sent you a $1,000 donation to your Elwood IN address…I just want to be sure that you have received it.
    My husband and I decided have our parents make a donation to your organization instead of getting gifts for us for Christmas.
    We dont want to specify what the money should be used for…we trust you will use it where it is most needed.
    Thank you for serving the wonderful children of Haiti.
    Please email me if you dont receive it in the next week or so. We sent it a week before Christmas.

  4. You should have gotten $50 from me Licia! Get him here!!!

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