update on Telismane and the boys

Telismane (read her story here) came by to see us on New Year’s day.  In our area, most do not celebrate Christmas.  They attend church on Christmas Eve, but there big holiday is on New Years Day.  They have a special pumpkin soup that everyone makes, they eat together and spend time with family and friends.  So  the boys wanted to come over and see us.  I found some toys to give them and they were so excited!  They are all doing really well.




There were several people that gave towards Telismane and her family.  So many were interested and wanted to know how they could help.  We rented a house for them that is very close.  Three of the boys will begin school this coming week.  She wanted to wait until after the holidays to begin her small business.  So today she went into Cabaret (a bigger town that sells in bulk) to buy.  She has really been thinking about what will sell best and how to begin.  We had $250.oo given to get her started.  She wanted to start with $125.00 and see how everything would sell.  So this is what she bought today.

1 small sack of rice——————-$26.92

1 big sack of sugar——————–$32.05

1 big sack of flour——————–$37.69

2 gallons of oil————————$10.77

beans(small black/white sack)—–$4.23

chicken boulin————————$3.56

rice grown here in Haiti————-$9.61

sacks ———————————-$1.41



She will begin tomorrrow to sell here in the market of Cazale and see how it goes.  We will regroup after she sells all of this and see how much she makes and what items sells best.  Then we will go back and buy more stuff.  She said if it goes well then next time she will increase everything.  She is also going to buy three goats to raise, she will be buying this up in the mountains as the price is better/cheaper there.  She will buy three goats for $125.00.  She is planning to buy a momma goat and two smaller ones.  We have given her three mattresses for the house.  We are planning to get three bed frames, a table and chair set, and a wire shelf made to keep dishe on.  Just wanted to keep you all informed on this lovely family and how God is working in their lives.  He is good!



2 Responses to update on Telismane and the boys

  1. Angie, RN says:

    May God bless her little business and may she do wonderful! Sounds like things are looking up for her and her family! So neat to hear how God is still doing miracles!

  2. Sandy Kinnaman says:

    So good to hear about Telismane and her family. I pray her business does well. Even in her sorrow God is working. Tell her how blessed I am to be a part of her life. I will continue to pray that in her emptiness that was left by the death of her husband that God will provide all she needs both physically and spiritually. GOD IS GOOD-ALL THE TIME!

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