Ki jan ou ye?

Lunch was great!  This is one of my favorite meals.  We have some type of rice at least 4 or 5 times out of the week here.  So the first bowl is white rice (of course), second bowl is called legume.  This yummy mix has cabbage, spinach, eggplant, carrots, militon, watercrest, beef tips and some great spices and seasoning.  You put in all on a big pot and let it cook down.  Then you smash it up.  The last bowl is sauce pwa.  This is a bean sauce.  Boil the black beans, add spices, put in blender with a little of the water and it makes a  thick bean sauce. 


You of course can eat it any way you want.  It is a great meal.


teacher and student hard at work….I want to say again how much I appreciate her!


Henley’s new braids


I did not know it but the boys informed me that we have a ocean in the yard and these are their boats.  No sure where they are sailing away to.


You know Lori and I work best under pressure and we love a challenge  So we really were not thinking…but we decided in the mist of a 11 member team we would decorate wedding cakes.  While we were decorating we had another group of about 20 come for a tour.  It all worked out great!  The interesting part is that the wedding is on Sat.  These cakes will make a journey up the mountain beginning early tomorrow morning.  They will travel on the heads on some ladies for about 6 hours up to the village where the wedding will take place.   I am hoping that they do not melt in the hot sun!



Tomorrow the team will begin to work on the five two seater latrines.  It should be a fun packed day. 

Something to think about…

Speak tenderly to them.
Let there be kindness in your face,
in your eyes, in your smile,
in the warmth of your greeting.
Always have a cheerful smile.
Don’t only give your care,
but give your heart as well.

Mother Teresa


5 Responses to Ki jan ou ye?

  1. That is my FAVORITE lunch in Haiti and I love Henley’s braids!!!

  2. LIsa Keefer says:

    wow those cakes are good….maybe you should open up another business…

  3. debraparker says:

    i want a piece of cake now.. looks so good.

  4. Tanya says:

    wedding cakes too!?!? You guys are amazing! Is there nothing you don’t know how to do?

  5. Diane says:

    Those cakes are beautiful….well done ladies!!!

    AND…wow the Mother Theresa quote really spoke to me….I will have to read and reread and read again to imprint that on my heart!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    Happy day, Licia. So loving the photo’s of your Sons…they are all so handsome:)…..and how well things are going with the new teacher. God truly is ever giving to us!!!!!

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