The team

 Will you pray for Pilne?  She is not doing well and is very sick.  She has been on a IV for about 3 days now. 


Here is the team from North Christian Church, they are from Markleville, IN.  This is where we grew up at, so this is a special team for us. 


 They were able to bring in 22 suitcases full of supplies.  Yippe! 


We took yesterday afternoon to go through everything and sort the goodies out.


Lori ran out of her last bag of 1cc syringes on Mon.  They brought a whole box full in for us. God is good!


WOW…that was a lot of stuff!  Thanks to all of our family and friends at North Christian.  God bless you! 


flies, flies flies,  we do not them.  We have found the best things that works for us is fly strips.  The team brought in several for us. Check out the big roll that is hanging down, it is 30 foot long!  You unroll it and then cut it off when its full.


Lori talking with a friend and former co-worker.


Handing out clothes, shoes and toys.


One of the main projects the group will be working on its building 5 double seater outhouses.  Today they began by carrying the cement blocks to the site. 



  So what are you having for lunch?  Here are the black beans boiling for the sauce pwa–bean sauce.


 Then we will cut all this stuff up and cook it down to put over the rice. 



I will let you know how it went and tasted after lunch!


2 Responses to The team

  1. Marcia Conover says:

    Glad to see everyone arrived safely.

  2. Sadie says:

    Hmmm.. what am I having for lunch? Leftover liver and onions, with a baked potato. I love me some leftovers.

    Prayers going up as always. That is so awesome that the team brought in things just when you needed them. God is good!! Thank you again for sharing a peek into your world.

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