One a recent walk in the village I took a picture of this little girl.  She is five years old and was making food for her and her siblings.  She lit the fire by herself and was making something for them to eat.  There were no adults around and when I asked the kids  told me the yhad went to the local openair market to sell their produce from the gardens.  This is how my first son was burned.  Exactually–bending down to blow on the fire to get it going.  His shirt caught on fire. 


These are the kids that are waiting on her to fix the food.  She was also watching them until the parents got back from the market.  I talked with a few people around the house and when I asked why a adult was not there, they laughed.  You see this is what is expected of her.  She does it daily, weekly, monthly for her siblings.  They were not laughing at me to be cruel, they were laughing because this is reality for them.  No stove to cook on, no running water, no nice green grass to run in and play, no toys, no pop tarts, no snacks, no floor just dirt, no pretty pink bedroom with everything matching, no …um wall to the side of the house,  you get the idea. 


I do not tell you this to feel sorry for them.  I do not want you say that is so sad.  These kids are happy.  They love their parents, the parents love them.  I want you to come and let Haiti change you.  I want you to realize that your life is not normal.  That is not how most of the world lives.  You do not need running water, ice, a soft bed, and things to make you happy.  You need love.  You need some to care about you.  When you go and visit a third world country, which you all should, let Jesus come out of you and go into the people.  Do not go to change them, let them change you into what God desires you to be.  Let them see Him in you.  Love them like He would.  Care for them like He would.  What an opportunity we have to show His love to some that seem unlovely to us.  I’m waiting on you?  Are you ready to be changed?


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  1. Great post Licia. Haiti wrecked my life the first time I went and I’ll never be the same.

  2. Laura says:

    Well said, Licia! Thanks for the reminder and the challenge!

  3. Shawn says:

    As I sit here holding my 4 year old after a long night of him not feeling well, I read this and am quickly reminded that he will get better after his tummy ache runs its course. In just over two weeks I will make my first visit to Haiti. Nervous excitement fills me and could easily overwhelm me but I pray “Lord, open my heart to the joy that lies before me and allow me to grow closer to You.”

  4. Lena Wright says:

    I made my first trip to Haiti in July 08, and I too say that God wrecked my life. My nice comfortable, easy, soft, life. I saw the suffering and I saw the love and happiness. It’s amazing. I do things differently now. I recognize my blessings and am so grateful. Even though I still fall into complaining, I can snap myself out of it. My life is blessed beyond measure, I am wealthy beyond compare to most of the world’s population. I get it, at least, most of the time. 🙂 God is great and I’m thankful that He’s walking with me and growing/stretching me.

    Thanks for this very insightful post, and for the pictures. And for all you do to help the people of Haiti.

  5. Troy says:

    Thank you Licia for all that you do. I am constantly in awe of your family and humbled by your servant heart. We love you. You are ministering to us among the countless others you serve.

  6. Laura Morris says:

    My husband and I really want to come to Haiti some time soon. We are adopting domestically and I would love to come before the adoption goes through. I talked with Jamie Ivey and unfortunantly her church is only taking 6 people in March. We want to come. We want to help. Please let me know if there are any other church groups coming and maybe we can join them. Reading this blog has already changed my life…I can’t imagine what a trip to Haiti will do 🙂
    Laura Morris (

  7. Amy says:

    Beautiful post Licia…thank you! I hope to one day be able to experience Haiti…though I’ve never been there, you’re posts change me and I know that seeing it first hand I will forever be changed.

    ~Amy in Wisconsin

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