The team and the outhouses

The team that is here are building 5 two seater latrines in the village.  These latrines will serve 3 families/household.  Each family had donated something towards the latrine.  The three families together had to provide sand, rocks, water and dig the hole.  We are providing labor, cement, blocks, PVC pipe, iron, tin, wood, locks hinges, etc to finish the toilet.  So this team donated the funds to do five.

Getting started



mixing the cement


hauling the sifted sand


laying the block


mixing cement again


placing the PVC pipe and making sure the wall is level


Almost done


finished….they were able to lay 300 blocks yesterday, at two locations.  They are laying 300 more block today at two other sites.  We will do back at the beginning of next week and make the seat, build the doors and put the roof on.



4 Responses to The team and the outhouses

  1. Marcia Conover says:

    I really appreciate the update pictures from the team.
    Chuck where are you hiding haven’t seen you in the pictures?
    keep up the good work guys.

  2. Bekki says:

    Licia – I don’t see the holes in the floor – am I missing them? I know they have to be there!

  3. Angie, RN says:

    Great job to the Markleville team! I know the people will be so grateful to have these! Good job guys!!!

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