News in the RC

 This is Carmelo’s mom and Carmelo’s cousin.  Loni is about 3 years old.  Her mother, left her in the mountains with a grandmother.  The grandmother died a few months back.  Loni cannot talk walk or even sit up. She seems to maybe have CP.   When grandma died there was no one to take care of her.  The put her in a house with two teenage siblings.  Since then no one has been taking care of her well.


She has kwashiorkor and is malnourished. This past week end both of the teenagers left the house and went different places.  They left her in the house for two days by herself.  A neighbor said she heard her crying the first day but assumed that someone was in the house with her.  The second day after hours of crying the neighbor went and knocked on the doors of the house.  There was no one to answer but she still heard her crying.  She broke the door to get inside.  She found Loni inside by herself.


She was laying on the dirt floor covered in poop and pee.  When the lady went to pick her up her legs were covered with ants.  That is what the wound below is from, the ants eating her.  They took her and sent word down to the family.  Carmelo’s mother made the 7 hours hike up the mountains to get her.  She had one of her own children to carry and needed someone to just carry Loni back down to the clinci for her.  Yes, 7 hours back down the mountain trail.  No one would do it.  They said she will never be worth anything to us, we do not want her.  People, I can only take so much, I wonder at times myself how I deal with all that comes through our doors.  So I kindly said I will be back in a minute.  I have to get it out of me ….cry…talk…yell…cry…scream…but that cannot stay inside of me the emotion is to much, the hurt the pain is to much.  So I went a talked to one of the team members I had to just tell someone and then go have a good cry and I pulled it together.  Carmelo’s mama finally found someone to carry her.  For what you ask?  $1.28US and a ticket to pass in the clinic.  I payed the bill and got her papers moving to get through the clinic.  She has a 103.5 fever, but she eats wonderful.  I have hope that she will recover, I have hope that I will see her smile soon, I have hope that maybe with a lot of work we might be able to get her to sit up, I have hope for her here with me.  But what afterwards…..what will her life be when I send her home…..on yeah she does not even have a place that she can go to. Am I just prolonging her life for a few more months until she goes back to the same misery? I told all of this to Carmelo’s mom.  She said she will take her to her house and take care of here when I release her.  But that is not easy either.  She has 10 at home herself to take care of.  Do not be mad at the “haitian people”.  Most here in our area are living in survival mood.  They get up in the morning with no food and they have to figure out what they can do that day to get enough food to feed their children.  They might have to walk to a market that is 6 hours away to sell some produce and walk back home just making enough money to buy some rice to cook.  They might have to work in the hot sun all day hoeing the hard earth to try and plant something and hope it grows.  We all say we would do anything for our children.  Right?  But I have never walked up and down a mountain to be able to feed my boys.  I think in my mind and say that yes I would.  But I have never had to experience that.  And it is not just one day that I would have to do it- it is day after day after day. Why do they have so many kids?…I hear this questions a lot.  I do not have the magic answer to that.  Is there one?  Here your children are the ones that take care for you when you get older.  When you cannot work anymore they feed you and take care of you.  NO retirement here, no saving accounts, no stocks to cash in, no “planning for your  financial future”, you depend on your kids to take care of you, just like you took care of your parents.  Where I live and work, you will have to search to find a family that has not had a least one child that has died.  Death is different here.  You see it everyday.  You do not like it, but it is there in your face.  So telling them to only have a few kids is frankly quite shocking to them.  I truly believe that the Haitian people love their children, they really do.  They want them to be able to go to school, they want them to have a better life than they had, they want them to live, they want their bellies to be full, they want them to be happy.  But…..many times the circumstances of life do not  leave much room for that. Are you with me? Will you just pray for her for me. 


The foot belongs to Ozimise.  She got it caught in the wheel of a motorcycle.  She is staying in the RC so that we can do daily dressing changes. 


It took Lori several hours to put it back together


This is Luckerline. She is 17 months old and weighs 13 pounds.  She has fever, scabies, Kwashiorkor and a cold.  She is drinking and eating well.  The mother said she decided not to breastfeed her because the dad would not help out with the child. I asked her why she was slowly killing her child?  She laughed at me.  I talked to her some more and helped her to understand that she is this child’s advocate.  She has to fight for her life, not the dad that left her when she was pregnant.  She was in tears when she left.  She said she will take care of her but its hard as a single young mother.


This cutie is Operet.  He is 4 months old and weighs 7 pounds.  He will be able to get surgery here in Haiti, but we need his weight to increase some so he is staying in the RC for a few months.


Guefton died this week.  He was only 4 months old.   


Sophia died yesterday morning.  She had been here a few weeks. 


Piline went into town today to get some testing….today was the first day I thought her body could take the trip.  We will get the results on Saturday.



5 Responses to News in the RC

  1. Ericka says:

    Oh honey how can people be ‘mad’ at the Haiti people? We will never know the poverty and struggle of their minute by minute lives.
    It’s just all so sad – heart breakingly so.
    I pray your will stays strong to help and comfort and heal and move the mountains that you already have and what’s in the future.
    What’s the Haitian proverb? Beyone mountains there are more mountains.
    So true, isn’t it?
    Speaking of moving mountains….Praise Lori, Praise God, Praise ALL who came together for Baby Bear.
    It is comforting to know he is coming to the loving, capable arms of Sarah and her family and Dr. A.
    Hugs Licia!

  2. Julie says:

    You are not without prayer, I am sure that doe not often seem like enough but please know you and your team as well as all those that you so lovingly serve are in my daily prayers and not far from my thoughts each day. Let those that judge these people be judged themselves!! As a parent of 2 and soon to be parent of three boy’s from Haiti, I cannot begin to imagine trying to make the choices these mothers have to make on a daily basis.
    You ARE moving mountains and blessing lives and making a difference!!!
    God Bless!!

  3. Laura Ingram says:


    Thank you for being a voice for these children. I am crying out with you in prayer. I thank God that these children have you. I will be praying for Loni tonight-that she would heal and learn to sit and stand and that there would be a permanent loving home for her.

  4. Jen says:

    Praying praying praying… Too many emotions going on to say more than just that I am praying for you, Licia, and for the precious children you take care of every day.

  5. Shawn Klinkner says:

    We have been praying every day since you posted about Loni – her situation touched a deep place in my heart. Please keep us updated on her condition. Thank you for posting about these kids so we can pray for them and you and all the people there at the RHFH.

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