Where is the world is Baby Bear?

Here is part of  the story on Sarah’s blog.  She is the host for Baby Bear.  This is what she wrote today about his trip and you can link over here to her blog for some pictures.     The link will be added under medical visa’s on the side bar as well under Baby Bear.                              


  So lets just share the short story.

Today was a really long day. Actually the past 24 hours were really long.
Exciting, scary and long.
I only cried twice. 🙂
Bear’s flight from Haiti was canceled. (of course)
Every flight after that today was FULL.
Bear’s escort from Haiti to Miami was put on standby after many phone calls from here by Salem and I and lots of pleading on her part in Haiti. (Not sure what helped!)
She was able to find someone who was flying on a later flight who she knew who would take Bear. She hand wrote a quick escort permission letter and handed Bear off. The flight was then delayed. So that put Salem missing her flight from Miami… the time had now passed that she was supposed to be on the flight to Dallas with Bear. We were able to find her another flight….
With one catch.
It was from Miami to Dallas- and Bear needed to get to Austin.
And the 2nd catch- was that the flight out of Haiti was delayed- so the Haiti escort was only going to have 45 minutes to get through customs and bring Bear to Salem in time for Salem to jet off to her flight for Dallas. All we could do was wait and pray. (Lots of praying happened today.)
Salems flight was delayed and she was able to get on with Bear just in the nick of time.
Naturally. That is how Bears entire journey has been so far.
So we still had to get Salem and Bear from Dallas. So Sophie and I grabbed some stuff and got in the rental car and started driving. (3 hours and 15 mins later…) We arrive in Dallas at the airport and find Salem and Bear… one dressing change and clothes change later (for Bear)…
and we were back in the car- Salem driving the way back to Austin. Now its 7am here. Bear is clean and ready to go to the hospital for admitting and testing. He is snoozing on Salem and she might pass out shortly. We are exhausted but running off of adrenaline.
We just know that God has awesome plans ahead for Bear.
Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers.
More soon.
P.S. Bear is adorable!!

One Response to Where is the world is Baby Bear?

  1. God is sooooo Faithful!!! Praise the Lord!

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